Monday, September 13, 2010

All's Fair in Love

We've been married a little over a month now, and life is great! We went to the state fair on Saturday and watched a terrible "comedic magician," ate funnel cake, watched some funny sea lions and looked at a cool photography exhibit.

I am getting better at being domestic, and I made some yummy chili tonight for Andrew! Yayah! We are slowly getting our house the way we want it, and I'm getting used to having no cell phone reception (it's a basement apartment) and not turning the dial on the stove until it clicks (otherwise the broiler stays on and heats the entire house).

We are also planning to start a photo blog, so I'll post the new blog for that here when it's up. I'll also be getting the wedding pictures soon, so a few of those will make it up here, too. I chopped my hair off on Thursday and I'm still getting used to it, so there will probably be more pictures of that, too. :)

Andrew has been awesome and still makes me so incredibly happy! He brought me tissues and searched 3 different Redboxes for a DVD I wanted to watch the other night when my cold was out of control. He went grocery shopping alone late at night when I'd had a bad day that involved two DMVs, a Social Security office, bad traffic and an empty gas tank. And he always kisses me good night.

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