Monday, February 8, 2016

20 months

Henry and Norah actually just turned 21 months on Saturday, but I'm trying to squeeze in a blog post about what they're up to currently. They are so fun, and we are blessed to have them in our family.


  • Weighs 28 pounds and has grown a bit taller (judging by the pants he's outgrown)
  • Wears 24-month onesies and some 18-month shirts but still wears 12-18 month pants
  • Has thick, pretty blonde hair that gets really curly when he's out of the bath
  • Loves toys that make noise (though we don't have many, since I don't like them much), especially his Little People airplane and Sesame Street tablet
  • Still shoves all of his food in his mouth at one time, much to our chagrin
  • Carries stacks of yellow lock blocks around with him everywhere, sometimes even to bed, and doesn't seem to touch the other colors
  • Loves to be chased around the house by us or Norah and starts giggling uncontrollably
  • Is terrified of dogs and starts crying and has to be picked up whenever one comes near him
  • Has begun to talk more and say "uh oh" whenever he drops something, "bubble" and "mine" in addition to "bye-bye," "mama" and "dada"
  • Is much more cuddly lately and wants to be held, probably because his ears are hurting and he doesn't feel well
  • Has temporary hearing loss as a result of fluid behind his ears (like Norah had) and has to get tubes next week, which should help a lot
  • Loves bananas, macaroni and cheese, rotini noodles, hot dogs, PB&J sandwiches, applesauce and raisins and still eats pretty well (but has slowed down because of his ear problems)
  • Still loves books and carries them around everywhere (a current favorite being a textured heart book from Grandma)
  • Likes to dance to music from Jake and the Never Land Pirates and other songs he hears on TV
  • Squints his eyes and looks the other way when someone he doesn't know very well is trying to talk to him
  • Loves "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" and other fun songs where we move and get to clap at the end (like "If You're Happy and You Know It" and "My Hands")


  • Weighs 23 pounds and is pretty close to Henry in height
  • Wears mostly 18-month clothes but still wears 12-18 month pants
  • Loves to dress up and put on hats and necklaces
  • Has begun imitating us more and really talking, saying "mine, "bottle," "bubble," "what's that" and "baby"
  • Gets really excited when Andrew comes home from work on days I work from home and says "Dada! Dada!" when she hears him walk in or drive up.
  • Loves her dolls and stuffed animals (which are all called her "babies") and immediately goes to find her doll when we ask where it is
  • Has very straight, fine brown hair that's finally starting to grow
  • Loves books just like Henry does and often brings them over to us so we can read them to her
  • Is picking up songs from nursery (and us singing them at bedtime) and now knows where her nose, eyes, mouth, toes and head are and will point to them when we ask her to
  • Doesn't eat as well as Henry but loves to stab things with a fork and feed herself, especially hot dogs, chicken nuggets, bread, noodles, macaroni and cheese and (occasionally) ice cream
  • Also loves to be chased around the house and have us jump out to scare her
  • Has started liking headbands again but only wants to wear them on her head for a short time and then wear them as necklaces or bracelets after that
  • Gets excited to come find me after nursery and runs into the primary room yelling "Mama!" (which makes my heart burst)
  • Also likes to carry around stacks of yellow lock blocks everywhere (not sure what it is about yellow)
  • Loves the sound of the TV but doesn't really watch it; however, she instantly notices when we turn it off or a Netflix episode ends and chimes in with "Uh oh!"
  • Has learned to take off shoes with Velcro straps, which I don't love

I am already planning a birthday party for Henry and Norah and can't believe that they're only three months away from turning two! Time is flying by, but I love watching them grow each day.

Friday, January 1, 2016

19 months

Happy New Year! Henry and Norah are 19 months for five more days, so it's time to squeeze in another blog post about what they've been up to over the past few weeks. We had a lot of fun with them at Christmas (yanking the ornaments off the tree and throwing them, turning the lights on and off, and putting jingle bells in their mouths), and it's so great to watch them grow and learn new words and new skills.

Here's what Henry and Norah are doing at 19 months.


  • Weighs about 27.5 pounds and hasn't gotten much taller (he's in the 50th percentile for height)
  • Has quite a few teeth and got a couple molars over the past month
  • Loves the new alphabet magnets he and Norah got for Christmas and likes to hide them under the fridge or run off with them
  • Does not like showers with Dad but loves bubble baths and gets excited when he hears the faucet turn on
  • Still eats really well and especially loves bread, soup, pasta, green beans, pizza and cheese
  • Loves to open and shut all of the doors and tries to go into the laundry room and office (where he isn't supposed to go) whenever we're not looking
  • Has become quite the climber and recently learned to push a chair over to the light switch in the basement, stand on it and turn the lights on and off
  • Still loves to look at books and has ruined the binding on several of them this month by bending them backwards
  • Has started lining all his cars up on top of the cedar chest downstairs, even after I put them away
  • Loves playing with the pretend dishes and food, new "smartphones," shopping cart and Norah's new baby stroller
  • Mainly wears 18-24 month clothes but still fits into 12-month pants because his legs are kind of short
  • Likes to help me clean up and put toys in their bins
  • Is really sweet with Norah and brings her her new doll or sippy cup when she wants them
  • Loves playing with our cell phones, computers and remotes (when he can get a hold of them) 
  • Pulls all of the pillows off the couches whenever he can so he can climb on them and play
  • Likes to dance to Jake and the Never Land Pirates with Norah
  • Still loves music and got so excited to play the piano when we pulled it out of the office to practice
  • Says "buh-bye Joe" (we think he's trying to say "Dad"), "hi," "mama," "dada," "uh oh" and "ball"

  • Weighs 22 pounds and is slightly shorter than Henry (in the 50th percentile for weight and height)
  • Still wears a lot of 12-18 month clothes but now has to wear 18-month shirts because she has a long torso (and her pants fall off because she has a skinny waist)
  • Loves her new baby doll and stroller and will call for her "bebe" until she finds it
  • Has decided she loves to wear headbands again (yay!) and will get mad at me if I take them off her head
  • Likes to carry her shoes around and grab my shoes out of the closet for me
  • Helps me clean up (like Henry) by putting toys into the bins
  • Has a really good arm and loves to throw balls, her sippy cup and other toys (and, to my chagrin, books)
  • Says "mama," "dada" "bye-bye," "no," "hi," "uh-oh" and "baby" and is learning to say "amen" when we finish our prayers
  • Has started to fold her arms when we say prayers, which melts my heart
  • Still loves necklaces and hats and likes to play dress-up
  • Likes playing with the alphabet magnets with Henry and packing them around
  • Is obsessed with my old doctor kit my mom brought them for Christmas and loves to suck on the play syringe
  • Likes to play with the dollhouse with Henry and chase him around but gets mad and says "no-no-no-no" when Henry takes something she wants
  • Is learning to like baths more and no longer screams when we wash her hair
  • Loves to carry her blanket around (as does Henry) and will grab it out of her crib and drag it downstairs
  • Has become a much better eater and loves cheese, bread, hot dogs, bananas, pizza. pasta and applesauce (but will not eat many vegetables or fruits)
  • Loves books like Henry does and especially loves the new ones my mom got them for Christmas
  • Claps her hands and loves to sing our bedtime songs (especially "My Hands" and "Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam")

These two are such a blessing and bring us so much joy. We hope you and your family have a wonderful 2016!

Friday, December 4, 2015

18 months

I'm squeezing these posts in RIGHT before Henry and Norah get one month older, but at least I'm cranking them out. Eighteen months has been such a fun age. Here's what they're doing now:

  • Weighed 27 pounds at his 18-month checkup (the 84th percentile) and was in the 48th percentile for height, which surprised me
  • Loves to play on the stairs and try to walk down them using the handrail, scaring his parents to death
  • Has started grabbing his blanket when he wakes up and dragging it all over the house
  • Says "bye-bye," "uh oh," "hi," "mama" and "dada" all the time now, but his favorite is "bye-bye" (said while waving wildly)
  • Wears 18-month clothes and some 24-month onesies and pants (though some 12-month jeans still fit)
  • Likes to pat Norah's back or rub her head and loves grabbing her a sippy cup when she isn't feeling well
  • Is obsessed with opening and closing doors and likes to shut himself into bedrooms by himself to play
  • Loves playing with his new kitchen with Norah and carrying around play food and utensils
  • Unfortunately still has really bad eczema that has taken a turn for the worse and turned into dyshidrosis
  • Picks up remotes, thermometers, play phones and our cell phones, holds them to his ear and says "Hi!" over and over
  • Loves bath time, except when Dad pours water over his head to wash out the shampoo
  • Sleeps through the night most of the time and has learned to sleep through Norah's cries most of the time
  • Still eats really well but no longer likes bananas and string cheese (probably because he's had them too often)
  • Loves pushing a plastic bin around the house and starts screaming if we take it away
  • Has thick, wavy strawberry blond hair that's starting to curl around his ears
  • Is getting more and more teeth and doesn't seem to be teething and chewing on things as much
  • Loves opening the door to the laundry/storage room (which unfortunately doesn't lock) and sneaking in before I can stop him

  • Weighed 22 pounds at her 18-month check-up and was in the 48th percentile for weight and 52nd for height
  • Loves pizza, macaroni and cheese, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and bread but eats most everything else sporadically
  • Wears mostly 18-month clothes, but 18-month pants are usually too big around the waist
  • Says "no, no no" all the time (especially when Henry has a toy she wants), "hi," "bye," "mama" and "dada" and is finally starting to open up and talk more
  • Loves to carry her shoes around the house but hates having them put on (especially her Sunday shoes)
  • Has crazy straight hair that sticks straight up no matter how much I try to flatten it
  • Does not like bedtime and has begun screaming in her crib again until she can snuggle with me or play with toys (so we're trying to break that habit)
  • Starts crying in the bathtub once she knows it's time for a scrub
  • Is obsessed with a green barrel of monkeys, which means I find little monkeys throughout the house
  • Has begun to be more attentive to Henry and hand him his sippy cup or toys
  • Loves playing with balls and throwing them or kicking them around the house -- and she's got a pretty good arm
  • Likes toy (and real) phones just like Henry does and says "Hi!" while holding them to her ear
  • Has quite a few teeth and likes to give us toothy grins
  • Carries play food and dishes throughout the house and loves playing with the toy kitchen with Henry
  • Loves to look at books and is loving the pile of Christmas books we're reading throughout December
  • Still likes to wear her necklaces everywhere and gets mad when she sees Henry wearing one
  • Likes to dance to music still but has stopped shaking her booty and just bobs her head instead
I can hardly wait until Christmas comes so I can see Henry and Norah's reaction to the gifts (since they're already enamored with the tree, lights and nativity). They make life much more fun.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

17 months

In just a week, Henry and Norah will be 18 months old. People always told me that time flew by when you had kids, but I'm beginning to understand. It's hard to believe they are running around and jabbering away now when they were once so tiny.

Here's what's new now that they're 17 months old:

  • Probably weighs about 26 pounds and has gotten a little taller (we'll find out at his 18-month appointment)
  • Loves green beans, macaroni and cheese, string cheese and bread but has gotten tired of bananas and yogurt
  • Mainly wears 18-month clothes now but still fits into 12-month pants
  • Adores the red Cozy Coupe and loves being pushed down the driveway in it
  • Likes to try to hide in his closet or climb under the table
  • Loves pushing chairs around the kitchen or the rocking chair around the basement
  • Generally sleeps really well at night and doesn't usually wake up unless Norah screams
  • Likes Dad to lift him up so his head bumps the ceiling
  • Says "hi," "bye-bye" (to everyone when we're leaving) and "nana" for "banana" now
  • Waves wildly at his teachers and grandparents when we're going home
  • Has strawberry blonde (it looks slightly red in the sunlight) hair that's curling in little wings above his ears now, which I love
  • Loves climbing on the couch and playing with the remote, phone or computer
  • Is a very messy eater and has to put his hands in his mouth to feel foods while he chews them
  • Likes opening and closing doors and pounding on the toilet in the bathroom when he somehow gets in there
  • Hates getting water in his eyes in the bathtub but loves to splash as hard as he can and play with his sailboats
  • Likes to play with his pretend phone or the remote and say, "Hi! Hi!" into it
  • Has a few more teeth, including another one in the bottom front and a molar
  • Looks forward to pushing the button to close the garage door and watches it with wide eyes the whole way down the track
  • Is obsessed with the stairs and loves the climb up and down them
  • Loves holding water from his sippy cup in his mouth and letting it drip down him
  • Likes pulling books off the shelf with Norah and looking at them
  • Weighs about 22 pounds and has definitely been getting taller (but I just wait until their checkups to see how they've grown)
  • Wears 12-18 month clothes and a few 18-month shirts, but she drowns in most pairs of jeans (even the 12-18 month ones)
  • Loves shoes, necklaces and hats and tries to grab my necklaces in the morning if she sees me putting them on
  • No longer likes bath time and will start screaming after a few minutes in the tub when she knows it's time to be scrubbed
  • Loves to dance and bob up and down or stomp her feet whenever she hears music
  • Has been getting more teeth, including another on the bottom
  • Likes stealing toys away from Henry, but we're working on learning to share
  • Says "hi" a lot,
  • Loves to pick up her play phone or the remote, hold it like a telephone and say, "Hi! Hi!"
  • Is very independent and insists on walking and eating by herself (unless she's being fed yogurt or applesauce)
  • Likes pulling all the books off the shelf in her room and pawing through them and babbling
  • Refuses to eat green beans and yogurt most of the time, but loves PB&J sandwiches, bananas, melons, pizza, string cheese and soup
  • Loves to play on the stairs with Henry
  • Learned how to blow bubbles with her sippy cup from Henry and likes to let water run down her chin
  • Has light brown hair that's finally starting to grow, but she likes to pull on it when she's nervous (and yanked out a few hairs last week)
  • Loves to carry both Henry and her sippy cups around and drink out of both of them
  • Usually sleeps pretty well but has been waking up in the middle of the night lately or screaming in her crib until we grab her and then playing with toys until 10 p.m.
  • Likes to run with her arms straight back behind her and cackle as we chase her
  • Loves to climb on my legs and have me lift her up or throw herself on my stomach when I lay on my back on the floor
  • Gets so excited when she sees Andrew walk in the door after work and comes running to him
  • Has become a little Linus and loves grabbing her blanket out of her crib and dragging it around the house

I love these babies so much and feel so blessed that they are ours.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Cabin fever

Home again, but these two loved running around with their cousins and exploring outside. #hnwilcox

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Saturday, October 3, 2015

16 months

Ack! I'm so far behind! Henry and Norah will be 17 months on Tuesday, and I meant to blog in September. Obviously that didn't happen.

BUT! We bought a new home and moved in Sept. 3, so unpacking, figuring out where things are and trying to decorate a bunch of different rooms while still working full time has taken most of my energy. Henry and Norah were also sick this week (Norah spent Saturday night puking and slept almost the entire day Sunday), but they seem to be on the mend.

Pictures of our house will be coming soon (when we have pictures on the wall and no boxes left), but for now, I'm trying to capture the details of what Henry and Norah have been up to at 16 months.


  • Still has four teeth on the bottom and two on the top
  • Is wearing 12-18 month clothes and a few 18-month onesies
  • Probably weighs about 26 pounds and has grown a bit taller since his 15-month checkup
  • Loves babbling and yelling at the top of his lungs (especially in the car)
  • Says "bye-bye," "ba" (for ball) and "hi" now in addition to "mama" and "dada"
  • Is fascinated by the garage door and loves to push the button to close it and watch it shut
  • Loves going up and down the stairs and starts scooting backwards on his tummy way before he even reaches the steps (and still loves being chased on them at Grandma's house)
  • Is currently obsessed with the blue bulb syringe we used to clean out his nose with and loves to suck on it
  • Loves shutting doors and playing in our bedroom and the bathrooms
  • Eats really well and especially loves green beans, yogurt and PB&J sandwiches
  • Still likes hiding in corners (including his closet) and being completely silent
  • Loves waving both arms wildly at people with a huge grin on his face when saying goodbye
  • Absolutely hates having his diaper changed and has to hold a phone or the diaper cream (?) to hold still long enough for us to change it
  • Loves to play in the windows of our house and gets so excited when he sees Dad come home
  • Really likes his new Fisher Price popper toy, sitting in the red Cozy Coupe (but not driving it), playing with Dad's phone and pushing the horn button on his plastic keys
  • Has quite a bit of red in his hair now, and it looks strawberry blonde in the sun
  • Still loves to look at books and often climbs up on the chair with whichever one he can find
  • Is practically running now, even though he's only been walking for a short time
  • Loves playing on the front steps with Norah and running down the driveway

  • Has four teeth on the top and just got a third tooth on the bottom
  • Is obsessed with shoes and loves to carry them around and put them in her toy shopping cart
  • Still loves necklaces and gets mad when Henry tries to wear one and yanks it away
  • Is eating much better and loves bananas, honeydew, cheese, PB&J sandwiches and yogurt
  • Hasn't gained much weight and probably still weighs about 21 pounds (but seems to be getting taller)
  • Loves to bob her head, bounce up and down, and shake her bottom whenever she hears music playing (even in church)
  • Waves to everyone now in kind of a Miss America wave, especially when we're in my work parking lot
  • Says "uh oh" and "whoa" all the time still, "ba" for ball, "hi" and "bye-bye" in addition to "mama" and "dada" and is trying to say "thank you"
  • Still wears some nine-month onesies but mainly wears 12-18 month clothes
  • Is finally growing more hair, and it usually sticks straight up in the front
  • Loves pushing her shopping cart or popper around, playing in the Cozy Coupe and climbing up on the chair in the basement to look at books
  • Likes going up the stairs like Henry does but goes much slower and usually just stops on one of the steps
  • Loves playing on the front steps and running down the driveway and trying to go into the road (so we're teaching her to stay on the sidewalk)
  • Has to drink out of Henry's sippy cup and carry it around with hers (especially at church)
  • Loves peek-a-boo and covers her face with her hands while we're changing her diaper
  • Has a lot of fun at bath time but always has to drink the bath water
  • Gets really excited to see the TV now and points at it since we didn't have it up for three weeks when we moved (not because she watches it, but because she likes the bright colors)
  • Likes to kick balls around the house, which makes us think maybe'll she'll play soccer
  • Loves shutting doors but gets mad when they're shut because she can't open and close them again
These two are completely different but still play together pretty well -- and they get sad when one is sleeping or isn't feeling well and can't play. I love watching their relationship grow.