Thursday, March 10, 2016

21 months

Late to the game, since Henry and Norah turned 22 months old on March 6, but I'm trying to squeeze in what they were up to last month. Here's a look back at 21 months:


  • Weighs 28 pounds and has gotten quite a bit taller since his 18-month checkup, judging by how his pants fit
  • Is back to his happy old self since getting his ear tubes on February 16 and smiles and giggles much more now
  • Loves to be chased around the house by Norah, Andrew or me
  • Hates to wear socks now and constantly pulls them off and carries them around the house (or hides them downstairs)
  • Has learned to climb up his changing table to grab things, which means climbing out of the crib will be next
  • Is obsessed with bananas and says NANA! whenever he sees one
  • Loves to open and close doors and gets mad if he doesn't get to close the basement door when we go upstairs
  • Is babbling up a storm now and saying "bobble" (bottle), "chee" (cheese), "please," "bye-bye, dada," "gaga" (cracker) and "sna" (snack)
  • Likes dancing to music in his crib and listening to the songs on Jake and the Never Land Pirates
  • Still loves books and has crumpled several Dr. Seuss books he's flipped through
  • Likes to play outside on his new slide or with the Cozy Coupe and becomes furious when he has to come back inside
  • Wears mainly 24-month clothes but still fits into 18-month pants and some 18-month shirts
  • Has strawberry-blonde curly hair that needs a trim (but I can't bring myself to cut it yet)
  • Weighs 23 pounds and is almost as tall as Henry
  • Wears mostly 18-month clothes but still wears some 12-month hoodies and pants
  • Loves to grab shoes and jackets when she knows we're going to go outside
  • Has unfortunately started to hit and shove us and Henry, so we're working on that
  • Loves all things girly, especially my necklaces, and really likes to play dress-up
  • Has become a really picky eater and is basically existing on PB&J sandwiches, bananas and cheese
  • Gets excited to go to nursery at church and play with the slide and doll strollers
  • Has really bad eczema on her face now, but we're working on it with a steroid cream
  • Loves to be chased around the house with Henry and sit on the ledge of the shower with him
  • Is talking a lot and trying to say "sorry," "amen," "cow" and "book" (among other words like "mama" and "dada")
  • Likes watching Jake with Henry and dancing to the music and says "Uh-oh!" immediately when the show ends and she doesn't hear music anymore
  • Is finally starting to get thick enough hair to wear a barrette in it but loves wearing headbands, too
  • Loves to "read" books to herself and flip through the pages and babble about what's happening
I just adore these two and feel so blessed to be their mom and watch them grow up together. Life is good.

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