Monday, February 8, 2016

20 months

Henry and Norah actually just turned 21 months on Saturday, but I'm trying to squeeze in a blog post about what they're up to currently. They are so fun, and we are blessed to have them in our family.


  • Weighs 28 pounds and has grown a bit taller (judging by the pants he's outgrown)
  • Wears 24-month onesies and some 18-month shirts but still wears 12-18 month pants
  • Has thick, pretty blonde hair that gets really curly when he's out of the bath
  • Loves toys that make noise (though we don't have many, since I don't like them much), especially his Little People airplane and Sesame Street tablet
  • Still shoves all of his food in his mouth at one time, much to our chagrin
  • Carries stacks of yellow lock blocks around with him everywhere, sometimes even to bed, and doesn't seem to touch the other colors
  • Loves to be chased around the house by us or Norah and starts giggling uncontrollably
  • Is terrified of dogs and starts crying and has to be picked up whenever one comes near him
  • Has begun to talk more and say "uh oh" whenever he drops something, "bubble" and "mine" in addition to "bye-bye," "mama" and "dada"
  • Is much more cuddly lately and wants to be held, probably because his ears are hurting and he doesn't feel well
  • Has temporary hearing loss as a result of fluid behind his ears (like Norah had) and has to get tubes next week, which should help a lot
  • Loves bananas, macaroni and cheese, rotini noodles, hot dogs, PB&J sandwiches, applesauce and raisins and still eats pretty well (but has slowed down because of his ear problems)
  • Still loves books and carries them around everywhere (a current favorite being a textured heart book from Grandma)
  • Likes to dance to music from Jake and the Never Land Pirates and other songs he hears on TV
  • Squints his eyes and looks the other way when someone he doesn't know very well is trying to talk to him
  • Loves "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" and other fun songs where we move and get to clap at the end (like "If You're Happy and You Know It" and "My Hands")


  • Weighs 23 pounds and is pretty close to Henry in height
  • Wears mostly 18-month clothes but still wears 12-18 month pants
  • Loves to dress up and put on hats and necklaces
  • Has begun imitating us more and really talking, saying "mine, "bottle," "bubble," "what's that" and "baby"
  • Gets really excited when Andrew comes home from work on days I work from home and says "Dada! Dada!" when she hears him walk in or drive up.
  • Loves her dolls and stuffed animals (which are all called her "babies") and immediately goes to find her doll when we ask where it is
  • Has very straight, fine brown hair that's finally starting to grow
  • Loves books just like Henry does and often brings them over to us so we can read them to her
  • Is picking up songs from nursery (and us singing them at bedtime) and now knows where her nose, eyes, mouth, toes and head are and will point to them when we ask her to
  • Doesn't eat as well as Henry but loves to stab things with a fork and feed herself, especially hot dogs, chicken nuggets, bread, noodles, macaroni and cheese and (occasionally) ice cream
  • Also loves to be chased around the house and have us jump out to scare her
  • Has started liking headbands again but only wants to wear them on her head for a short time and then wear them as necklaces or bracelets after that
  • Gets excited to come find me after nursery and runs into the primary room yelling "Mama!" (which makes my heart burst)
  • Also likes to carry around stacks of yellow lock blocks everywhere (not sure what it is about yellow)
  • Loves the sound of the TV but doesn't really watch it; however, she instantly notices when we turn it off or a Netflix episode ends and chimes in with "Uh oh!"
  • Has learned to take off shoes with Velcro straps, which I don't love

I am already planning a birthday party for Henry and Norah and can't believe that they're only three months away from turning two! Time is flying by, but I love watching them grow each day.

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