Friday, January 1, 2016

19 months

Happy New Year! Henry and Norah are 19 months for five more days, so it's time to squeeze in another blog post about what they've been up to over the past few weeks. We had a lot of fun with them at Christmas (yanking the ornaments off the tree and throwing them, turning the lights on and off, and putting jingle bells in their mouths), and it's so great to watch them grow and learn new words and new skills.

Here's what Henry and Norah are doing at 19 months.


  • Weighs about 27.5 pounds and hasn't gotten much taller (he's in the 50th percentile for height)
  • Has quite a few teeth and got a couple molars over the past month
  • Loves the new alphabet magnets he and Norah got for Christmas and likes to hide them under the fridge or run off with them
  • Does not like showers with Dad but loves bubble baths and gets excited when he hears the faucet turn on
  • Still eats really well and especially loves bread, soup, pasta, green beans, pizza and cheese
  • Loves to open and shut all of the doors and tries to go into the laundry room and office (where he isn't supposed to go) whenever we're not looking
  • Has become quite the climber and recently learned to push a chair over to the light switch in the basement, stand on it and turn the lights on and off
  • Still loves to look at books and has ruined the binding on several of them this month by bending them backwards
  • Has started lining all his cars up on top of the cedar chest downstairs, even after I put them away
  • Loves playing with the pretend dishes and food, new "smartphones," shopping cart and Norah's new baby stroller
  • Mainly wears 18-24 month clothes but still fits into 12-month pants because his legs are kind of short
  • Likes to help me clean up and put toys in their bins
  • Is really sweet with Norah and brings her her new doll or sippy cup when she wants them
  • Loves playing with our cell phones, computers and remotes (when he can get a hold of them) 
  • Pulls all of the pillows off the couches whenever he can so he can climb on them and play
  • Likes to dance to Jake and the Never Land Pirates with Norah
  • Still loves music and got so excited to play the piano when we pulled it out of the office to practice
  • Says "buh-bye Joe" (we think he's trying to say "Dad"), "hi," "mama," "dada," "uh oh" and "ball"

  • Weighs 22 pounds and is slightly shorter than Henry (in the 50th percentile for weight and height)
  • Still wears a lot of 12-18 month clothes but now has to wear 18-month shirts because she has a long torso (and her pants fall off because she has a skinny waist)
  • Loves her new baby doll and stroller and will call for her "bebe" until she finds it
  • Has decided she loves to wear headbands again (yay!) and will get mad at me if I take them off her head
  • Likes to carry her shoes around and grab my shoes out of the closet for me
  • Helps me clean up (like Henry) by putting toys into the bins
  • Has a really good arm and loves to throw balls, her sippy cup and other toys (and, to my chagrin, books)
  • Says "mama," "dada" "bye-bye," "no," "hi," "uh-oh" and "baby" and is learning to say "amen" when we finish our prayers
  • Has started to fold her arms when we say prayers, which melts my heart
  • Still loves necklaces and hats and likes to play dress-up
  • Likes playing with the alphabet magnets with Henry and packing them around
  • Is obsessed with my old doctor kit my mom brought them for Christmas and loves to suck on the play syringe
  • Likes to play with the dollhouse with Henry and chase him around but gets mad and says "no-no-no-no" when Henry takes something she wants
  • Is learning to like baths more and no longer screams when we wash her hair
  • Loves to carry her blanket around (as does Henry) and will grab it out of her crib and drag it downstairs
  • Has become a much better eater and loves cheese, bread, hot dogs, bananas, pizza. pasta and applesauce (but will not eat many vegetables or fruits)
  • Loves books like Henry does and especially loves the new ones my mom got them for Christmas
  • Claps her hands and loves to sing our bedtime songs (especially "My Hands" and "Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam")

These two are such a blessing and bring us so much joy. We hope you and your family have a wonderful 2016!

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