Friday, December 4, 2015

18 months

I'm squeezing these posts in RIGHT before Henry and Norah get one month older, but at least I'm cranking them out. Eighteen months has been such a fun age. Here's what they're doing now:

  • Weighed 27 pounds at his 18-month checkup (the 84th percentile) and was in the 48th percentile for height, which surprised me
  • Loves to play on the stairs and try to walk down them using the handrail, scaring his parents to death
  • Has started grabbing his blanket when he wakes up and dragging it all over the house
  • Says "bye-bye," "uh oh," "hi," "mama" and "dada" all the time now, but his favorite is "bye-bye" (said while waving wildly)
  • Wears 18-month clothes and some 24-month onesies and pants (though some 12-month jeans still fit)
  • Likes to pat Norah's back or rub her head and loves grabbing her a sippy cup when she isn't feeling well
  • Is obsessed with opening and closing doors and likes to shut himself into bedrooms by himself to play
  • Loves playing with his new kitchen with Norah and carrying around play food and utensils
  • Unfortunately still has really bad eczema that has taken a turn for the worse and turned into dyshidrosis
  • Picks up remotes, thermometers, play phones and our cell phones, holds them to his ear and says "Hi!" over and over
  • Loves bath time, except when Dad pours water over his head to wash out the shampoo
  • Sleeps through the night most of the time and has learned to sleep through Norah's cries most of the time
  • Still eats really well but no longer likes bananas and string cheese (probably because he's had them too often)
  • Loves pushing a plastic bin around the house and starts screaming if we take it away
  • Has thick, wavy strawberry blond hair that's starting to curl around his ears
  • Is getting more and more teeth and doesn't seem to be teething and chewing on things as much
  • Loves opening the door to the laundry/storage room (which unfortunately doesn't lock) and sneaking in before I can stop him

  • Weighed 22 pounds at her 18-month check-up and was in the 48th percentile for weight and 52nd for height
  • Loves pizza, macaroni and cheese, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and bread but eats most everything else sporadically
  • Wears mostly 18-month clothes, but 18-month pants are usually too big around the waist
  • Says "no, no no" all the time (especially when Henry has a toy she wants), "hi," "bye," "mama" and "dada" and is finally starting to open up and talk more
  • Loves to carry her shoes around the house but hates having them put on (especially her Sunday shoes)
  • Has crazy straight hair that sticks straight up no matter how much I try to flatten it
  • Does not like bedtime and has begun screaming in her crib again until she can snuggle with me or play with toys (so we're trying to break that habit)
  • Starts crying in the bathtub once she knows it's time for a scrub
  • Is obsessed with a green barrel of monkeys, which means I find little monkeys throughout the house
  • Has begun to be more attentive to Henry and hand him his sippy cup or toys
  • Loves playing with balls and throwing them or kicking them around the house -- and she's got a pretty good arm
  • Likes toy (and real) phones just like Henry does and says "Hi!" while holding them to her ear
  • Has quite a few teeth and likes to give us toothy grins
  • Carries play food and dishes throughout the house and loves playing with the toy kitchen with Henry
  • Loves to look at books and is loving the pile of Christmas books we're reading throughout December
  • Still likes to wear her necklaces everywhere and gets mad when she sees Henry wearing one
  • Likes to dance to music still but has stopped shaking her booty and just bobs her head instead
I can hardly wait until Christmas comes so I can see Henry and Norah's reaction to the gifts (since they're already enamored with the tree, lights and nativity). They make life much more fun.

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