Monday, December 22, 2014

Seven months

Ack! My babies are seven (almost eight, actually) months old, and I can hardly believe it! Here's what they're up to this month.

  • Makes himself giggle now, which is the funniest thing in the world
  • Still loves to smile at everyone, especially strangers in the grocery store
  • Thumps his legs really loudly in his crib or on his playmat when he's happy
  • Still likes to be sung to and snuggled to sleep
  • Weighs 19.5 pounds and is about 27 inches long
  • Absolutely loves his sister and will stare adoringly at her and coo at her
  • Still likes to stick his tongue out all the time
  • Rolls over and scoots around, but still isn't crawling or sitting on his own
  • Is growing fast and has outgrown his six-month clothes
  • Likes to babble and suck on his hands
  • Loves sleeping on his tummy and has started lying face-down in his crib after rolling from his back to his side and his tummy (which scares us)
  • Is a really happy, chill baby and is generally content unless he's hungry or very tired
  • Has started grabbing his toes
  • Is getting soft, spiky hair on the top of his head, but still has a big bald spot in the back
  • Really likes having baths and, lately, showers with Dad to clear out his sinuses

  • Immediately rolls to her tummy when you put her on the floor and is scooting across the room to grab what she wants
  • Rolls in her sleep to the uppermost corner of her crib and sleeps contentedly (for a few minutes) on her tummy
  • Is obsessed with the silk tags on toys, blankets and pillows and makes a beeline for them so she can suck on them
  • Weighs almost 18 pounds and is about 26.5 inches long
  • Babbles to Henry and occasionally starts laughing hysterically when he looks at her
  • Still loves her pacifier and will go to sleep (or back to sleep) when she has it in her mouth
  • Gets stuck under the couch and the pack 'n play because she hasn't learned how to scoot forward yet (only backward)
  • Unfortunately still has a red rash on her neck we can't get rid of and sees an allergist with Henry at the end of the month
  • Gives us enormous gummy smiles when she's proud of herself (like when she's scooting around on her tummy)
  • Is easily distracted and difficult to feed when lots of things are going on around her
  • Still likes to take frequent naps during the day but not nearly as long as she used to
  • Loves to lie on her back and grab her toes and babble
  • Has soft, spiky hair on the top of her head and long eyelashes
  • Still wears 3-6 month clothes but is starting to fit into six-month clothes
  • Loves to snuggle against us with her pacifier and can sleep for hours that way

We love our little twins and still can't believe they're growing so fast!


  1. They're sweet as ever and growing so fast. Sweet faces xxx

  2. I like how their legs are identical in the first photo. There is a cute video out there of twins playing peekaboo in their cribs.


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