Sunday, January 11, 2015

Eight months

My babies are eight months old and growing so fast! I hold them and wonder how my tiny twins have grown into such tall, healthy little kids. Here's what they're doing this month.

  • Weighs about 20 pounds and is probably 28 inches long
  • Has a ticklish tummy and giggles hysterically when his dad tickles him
  • Still loves music and listens intently when I sing to him or when his favorite Frozen music comes on
  • Is out of his six-month clothes and wearing 6-9 month and nine-month clothes now
  • Has begun scooting and half-crawling around but is still very content to just lie on his back and chew on and play with his blanket
  • Loves his mobile and could watch it spinning for hours (though it's most likely the music he loves)
  • Still isn't sitting on his own yet, but he's getting close
  • No longer takes long naps but takes 30-minute cat naps throughout the day
  • Generally sleeps through the night but lately has been waking up starving around 3 a.m.
  • Has long, spiky hair on the top of his head but still has a bald spot in the back
  • Is generally happy and coos and smiles at almost everyone who smiles at him
  • Really likes bath time and has started kicking his legs and playing in his bathtub
  • Gets very mad when he's tired and has to be rocked to sleep if he doesn't roll to his tummy and fall asleep on the floor
  • Loves to grab Norah's hand and try to suck on it (much to her annoyance)
  • Likes to pull his feet up to his face and play with them

  • Weighs about 18 pounds and is about 27.5 inches long
  • Still wears some 3-6 month clothes but is wearing six-month clothes now
  • Is scooting/crawling all over now and getting into everything
  • Loves texture, including sucking on tags, scratching her fingers on pillows and the mesh walls of the pack 'n play, and running her hands over the vent on the floor
  • Gives big, gummy smiles, but she's more hesitant to laugh than Henry is
  • Is growing brown fuzzy hair on the top of her head
  • Loves to make gargling sounds and loud, happy noises
  • Doesn't really like bath time but is getting used to the bathtub and starting to kick her legs
  • Sometimes sleeps through the night but usually rolls around so much that she wakes herself up a few times
  • Still loves her pacifier when she's sleepy, and it generally puts her right to sleep
  • Steals toys from Henry and quickly grabs whatever she wants, even when it's across the room
  • Loves to pull her feet up and suck on them after pulling her socks off
  • Had bad eczema on her face and arms, so we switched both Henry and her to a soy formula that seems to be helping (though it smells awful)
  • Smiles at Henry and sometimes giggles at him for no reason
  • Loves to be snuggled and sleeps for hours when someone is holding her or lying next to her

I watch these babies grow every day and feel so blessed that they're happy and healthy. They make me so happy, and I love watching them discover new things and understand the world around them.


  1. They definitely look happy!

  2. Holding babies is so much fun--I discovered that yesterday.

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