Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 8

Dear Henry and Norah,

Today is your due date, and you're also nine weeks old today. While I knew you most likely wouldn't be born on July 8, I didn't expect you to come more than two months early, either. July seemed so far away when we discovered you were on the way, and now it's here and all I feel is joy.

You are still tiny, only about eight pounds each, and most of your clothes are still too big on you. You spend most of your time sleeping, but you are staying awake longer and looking at your dad and me while we feed you. You melt our hearts when you snuggle up against us or curl your little hands by your faces in your sleep.

We don't get much rest anymore, and car rides, even just to the doctor's office, require a lot more equipment. We're buying formula by the crate and doing laundry at least once a day. We're going through hundreds of diapers and wipes and constantly washing bottles.

But we don't mind. You are absolutely beautiful, and we're so grateful to have you home with us and growing so big. You already have strong personalities, likes and dislikes, and while we want you to stay little forever, we want you to get bigger at the same time so we can play with you and watch you change.

You have brought us so much joy, Henry and Norah. We're glad we've had these extra two months with you and love you more every day.


  1. They look beautiful! I hope you continue treasuring every moment.

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  2. This is a beautiful post, Lindsay. I'm definitely repeating after you that while we all want our children to stay little forever, we want watch them grow and change. xx


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