Sunday, July 6, 2014

Blessing day

Andrew gave our sweet Henry and Norah the most beautiful blessings today. In our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, newborn babies are given names and special blessings. Men who hold the Melchizedek priesthood, which is God's power on earth, lay their hands upon the baby's head and give him or her a personal blessing from Heavenly Father.

Blessing days are always really special because the father, if he holds the priesthood, usually gives his baby a blessing and is able to communicate special messages Heavenly Father has for him or her. To symbolize the purity of this day, we dress our babies all in white — and these blessing outfits are cherished.

It was such a special experience to have Andrew hold Henry, then Norah, and give them names and blessings, surrounded by the priesthood holders among our family and friends. Andrew blessed them to be healthy and continue growing and that they would be examples to each other and continue to have a strong bond. He also blessed them that they would remember the Atonement of Jesus Christ and use it in their lives.

Priesthood blessings are always amazing, but they're especially sweet when they're given to babies by their father.

My mom sewed Norah's dress and made a vest, pants and even a little tie for Henry, and my family and Andrew's made tons of food for the luncheon. It was such a special day. We had so many family members and friends come for their blessings, and I have been emotional tonight just thinking about how blessed we are.

We have two beautiful, healthy babies that technically shouldn't have even been born yet (their due date was July 8), we have people everywhere praying for and helping us, and we have a wonderful family that we can be with forever. Our Heavenly Father has given us so much.

Henry and Norah also turned two months old today, so look for another post about how much they've changed coming soon!


  1. They are beautiful and so are you. I know I've said that before. But you look radiant.

  2. they look so sweet! my friend had her twins very, very early last night. still awaiting more news on them!

  3. *i meant they were born last night but came very, very early. they still had a couple of months to go.

  4. They are sweet little bunnies, Lindsay. I would wish them all the happiness and joy in such special day. xxx


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