Monday, June 23, 2014

Nursery reveal

I know it's been months since I talked about how we were decorating the nursery, but it's finally complete, and a lot of people have been asking me to post pictures.

Our sweet little babies have already been sleeping in it! I had Andrew hold Norah and Henry slept in his little rocker so I could quickly snap some pictures of the room. The lighting wasn't ideal, but you work with what you have when your babies are finally asleep and you have someone there who can hold them. :)

Just looking at these pictures makes me so happy, because the space is absolutely perfect for them. I knew I wanted a nautical theme, since I have been obsessed with all things sea-related for years (and it only got worse with our trip to Astoria, Oregon, last August). However, I didn't want to go too overboard (Wow! No pun intended, but it worked), and I wanted to keep things neutral since we were expecting a boy and a girl.

Andrew painted the walls a light grey, and then I kept the color palette to red, white and blue. I am a minimalist when it comes to design, so I didn't want too many things hanging on the wall. The sailboat my dad thrifted was absolutely perfect, and I picked some vinyl for their names and ordered some prints from Etsy for the other wall.

My mom, who is an amazing seamstress, made the anchor quilts by hand and basically came up with the design from a hazy idea I had of what I wanted them to look like. They are beautiful and made with so much love. I wish I had half of her talent!

The glider, which still needs new snaps for the armrests, was a Kid to Kid find. The cushions were originally a moss green and were filthy, so I picked out the blue material from JoAnn Fabrics and found a retired upholsterer through NextDoor (an app that connects you with your neighborhood) to recover them. I love how the pattern has a subtle nautical feel and adds more color and fun to their nursery — and it's also really comfortable and great for rocking Henry and Norah to sleep.

The storage cubes house the giant collection of children's books I've been thrifting and occasionally buying new since before I was married. As the daughter of an elementary school librarian, I was always reading kids' books and cherish the memories I have of The Berenstain Bears, Little Critter and Little House series. I am excited to think of reading these books to Henry and Norah at bedtime.

While only a piece of it is pictured, my mom also made a striped valance for their window. Andrew built drawers into their closet to hold all of their clothes as well. He spent hours on their room while I was basically on bed rest, and it looks fantastic.

Details for the furniture and decorations are below. I love having such a quiet space for our twins to eat and sleep.

  • Cribs: Ikea
  • Cube organizer: Target
  • Red fabric cubes: Target
  • Lamp: Ikea
  • Shark bank: Target
  • Shelf: Ikea
  • Sailboat: Thrifted
  • Vinyl names: Lucy Lews
  • Glider: Thrifted and reupholstered
  • Picture frames: Ikea
  • Prints: Lacey Fields


  1. Lindsay, I LOVE it! It looks amazing! I'm glad Henry and Norah are home and you're finally enjoying it!

  2. You sound remarkably upbeat. I was not.

    Since my house is almost all Ikea/Target, of course I like the nursery. Keep up the good attitude. :)

  3. love the nursery reveal! it looks just wonderful! glad to see they are settling in nicely.

  4. I adore the way you styled the nursery for your little babies, Lindsay. It's fantastic, nothing like I've seen before. This way it can stay with them for longer as it seems they may like it beyond the babies/toddlers stage. Awesome.

    I wish you a beautiful summer xxx


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