Thursday, July 10, 2014

Two months

Henry and Norah are two months old now and quickly growing out of their newborn clothes — though the 0-3 month outfits are still baggy, for the most part. Here's how they've grown in the past month:


  • Sleeps peacefully in his rocker but hates his crib and his carseat. We're trying to get him to sleep in his crib, but it'll take some time to transition — and right now we need sleep and a happy baby.
  • Still has skinny legs and tiny feet but is filling out more in his face and tummy.
  • Loves prune juice, surprisingly (and you can probably guess why he's had to drink it).
  • Is happiest when he's swaddled tightly and being snuggled.
  • Weighs about eight pounds and is 20 inches long.
  • Has blue eyes currently, and though it's still early to tell, I think they'll remain blue.
  • Usually burps really well after eating and gets the hiccups.
  • Likes to look around and is fascinated by his new mobile (when he lays in the crib to look at it).
  • Is a messy eater and looks like he's had an ice cream cone when he finishes his bottle.
  • Frequently smiles in his sleep and props his fist under his chin.


  • Is a great sleeper most of the time and has slept in her crib since the first week.
  • Has a loud, high-pitched scream that she uses when she's hungry or has a nightmare — or, sometimes in the middle of the night, for no good reason at all.
  • Scoots all around her crib and often ends up upside-down with one arm out of her swaddle.
  • Eats really well and usually falls asleep on my shoulder while I'm burping her (which I LOVE).
  • Usually puts herself to sleep in her crib if she's still awake when she finishes eating.
  • Weighs about eight pounds and is 19 inches long, a little smaller than Henry.
  • Is finally big enough to wear headbands instead of just bows.
  • Has big, expressive eyes and likes to look around her room.
  • Will go right to sleep on a blanket on the floor if she's screaming in her crib.
  • Has lost most of the hair on top of her head and is sporting a Franciscan monk look.
  • Smacks her lips after she eats, which is ADORABLE.

I never get tired of kissing their cheeks, grabbing their tiny hands and looking at their little feet. Time is flying by, but I'm grateful that they'll still be small for a little while longer.


  1. Norah's scream cracked me up. Henry sounds like the strong silent type.
    Joe's dark hair fell out and was blonde for it is dark again.

  2. Aww, they're so cute and I can't believe how fast time is passing. I remember when you were just announcing your pregnancy. :) Her headbands are adorable and you must be having double the fun when it comes to all the cheek pinching and cuddling.

    congrats again!

  3. cannot believe it's been 2 months! wish i lived closer so i could see them in person!!

  4. Are they developing personalities yet? Can you tell?

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  5. I know you're three months already little sweethearts and I can't stop watching your pictures mummy and daddy share with others.

    You're doing fantastically Lindsay and Andrew, I'd love to read about your routine, how this beautiful miracle is shaping up on a daily basis. xx


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