Monday, October 14, 2013

Music Monday: Cough syrup

I did warn you that I'd be sharing favorite performances from The Voice for a while, right? I love this show so much it's crazy. While I never got into American Idol since my family didn't have that channel growing up, I look forward to watching the amazing performances on The Voice every week and snuggling up with my blanket to watch Adam and Blake duke it out.

And since this guy performed, I have had his song stuck in my head. I liked the original, but the cover breathed new life into it — and the single, which you can purchase from iTunes, is even better than the live performance.

Are you into The Voice? Who's your favorite? I'm rooting for several right now and hoping that none of them get eliminated in the battle rounds. 


  1. I spent the other night on YouTube watching all of your peeps. I think I'm addicted. I liked the Irish guy who sang with C.A. last week.

  2. i'm loving this season so far! the battles are so stressful and hard sometimes for me to choose a fave!

  3. I watched the first season of the Voice and loved it. And this video is blocked for some reason, probably because it's strict here in Switzerland. I keep hearing all these electronic songs on the radio here lol so I guess I'm liking those lately but I have no idea who sings them. :) Also, I know what you mean, I never got into American Idol either.



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