Friday, October 11, 2013

Fashion Friday: Pearl power

Button-up: Charlotte Russe (thrifted) | Top: Heritage (Costco) | Jeans: Paper Denim & Cloth (old) | Shoes: ShoeMint

I recently discovered the joy of trading in my old clothes. A new store just opened up in our neighborhood that accepts gently used clothing, shoes and accessories and pays you in cash or store credit.

Of course, I thought this was fantastic and weeded out a bunch of clothes that I never wear anymore — and Andrew went through his closet, too. Then we browsed the store for gems. So far, I've scored this great pearl-collar shirt and a beautiful wool peacoat (that you'll be seeing on this blog soon). It makes me happy to know that I'm not spending any more money but still getting new clothes that I love.

And this button-up is already a favorite. I think it's cute layered, but it would also look great on its own with a full skirt.

Have you ever traded clothes in? Did you have a good experience?


  1. Yes, kid's clothes, and they gave me cash!

  2. Hello white shirt! Thank you for inspiration, Lindsay!
    Mine has been hidden in the closet due to lack of ideas (and cooler weather), but yes, why not to take it out and let it breathe?
    You look lovely and I love the shoes. xxx

  3. I like the detailing on the collar, very pretty:)

    I have traded some clothing in at consignment stores but I felt like it was easier for me to sell my stuff on ebay. The store was in my old home town and they were very picky about what they sold as their clientèle were an older, more mature crowd. It was kind of a hassle! I


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