Monday, May 27, 2013

Music Monday: Zach's story

I posted a link to Zach's song, "Clouds," back in February and talked a bit about this amazing kid battling cancer and keeping a positive attitude through it. Unfortunately, he passed away a week ago today of osteosarcoma.

While I didn't know him personally, his story is absolutely inspiring. I watched this documentary late Wednesday night after feeling horribly discouraged with all of our car troubles, and it made me so much more grateful for the things I have and reminded me how precious and short life is.

This is a bit long (more than 20 minutes), but I promise it is absolutely worth it — and fitting for Memorial Day, when we remember those who have passed on.


  1. I read that this is/was number one on You Tube. So sad. I could only watch about half. The little sister...

    1. Yeah, the little sister made me sad, too. I bawled through the entire second half of this. He was one amazing kid.


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