Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Civic duty

If you follow me on Instagram (@lovelindsaywilcox), this is old news, but we bought a new car on Saturday! It's a 2008 Honda Civic and the newest car we've ever owned, so we are pretty excited about it.

Unfortunately, it is also a stick shift — and since I never learned to properly drive one (my dad had no patience to teach me and we gave up when I was 15), I won't be driving this around until Andrew shows me the ropes.

As for the other Honda that was all alone in small-town Idaho? It's getting a new transmission and should be good as new by the end of the week. It'll be nice to stop carpooling with my co-worker and borrowing my mother-in-law's car.

I hope you're having a good week! This week is already shaping up to be much better for me.


  1. I love your new car and the blue color is so sporty too. Actually my first car was a Honda and a stick shift and lol about your dad when you were 15. eventhough my mom didn't have fun teaching me, I was able to learn and now I love Manuals. I think you'll catch on quick and feel like a little race car driver in no time. hehe. Congrats again!


  2. Congrats on the car. I drove my brother's stick shift a few times. I have confidence that you will do better than moi.

    1. Thanks, Susie. I'm glad I'm not the only one who can't drive stick! It feels like it sometimes. People are horrified that I don't know how, especially since I grew up in Idaho. :)

  3. It's cute! Good luck learning how to drive a stick!


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