Wednesday, May 23, 2012

We're falling apart to half-time

My friend Abby and I way back in 2005. Valentine's Day dance, baby.

Yes, I know that the Zumba train is a long way down the tracks and I'm just jumping on. But my company recently started offering free weekly Zumba classes, and my good friend/co-worker Maryam is teaching them. I finally got the chance to go this evening.

It was SO fun! It's partly because Maryam is adorable and hilarious and makes everything exciting, but it's also because I remembered how much I love dancing (at least salsa) -- and how much I've missed it since college. I'm still feeling excited from the class and already planning to go back next week.

And I'm also OBSESSED with the song "Mr. Saxobeat" now since hearing it and dancing to it this evening. Who would have thought that a saxophone could make an awesome club mix? You can hear it on YouTube, but I warn you: a) I have not watched the video, but from previewing a few seconds of it, it doesn't exactly look kid-friendly -- so I'd probably just listen to the song and ignore the video -- and b)  it is incredibly addictive. You're welcome.

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