Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Every year, Andrew and his extended family get together to visit the Wasatch Lawn cemetery, which is now just minutes from our new home, on Memorial Day and pay tribute to their loved ones. He snapped this photo of 97-year-old Grandpa Wertz (soon to be 98!) in front of his beloved Jean's grave, and I decided to polish up my rusty Photoshop skills and apply a Gaussian blur for a cool effect.

It's not perfect (I haven't really used Photoshop effects since an ill-fated graphic design class in college with a really mean teacher), but I like the expression Andrew captured on his face. Grandpa misses his wife so much. It was pretty heartbreaking to watch him there, especially since the roses he'd brought her on Mother's Day were still next to the grave, dry and wilted now.

Being there reminded me of my own grandpa, who's been gone three years now. At times, I think about him and want to cry as I realize that he'll never be around to hold my babies, teach them about branding calves and inadvertently show my little boys (and girls) how to cuss (my grandpa had quite a farmer's mouth -- and I loved him for it). But at the same time, I know he'll be there when they leave heaven, and he'll be here in spirit when Andrew blesses them and when we tell them about the great grandpa they missed out on.

I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day and that the memories of your family members are close to you like mine are tonight. I sure love you, Grandpa, and I miss you.


  1. that is so great!! :) thanks for capturing that moment so well, it was a special one.

  2. That photo is amazing - great Photoshop skills! I also had a terribly mean graphic design professor in college who made me give up further classes . . . big ol' jerk. So now I'm just a self-taught Gimp girl. It gets the job done.

    I haven't blogged/commented in forever, but I remember a post you did on visiting teaching and I just wanted to say that I wholeheartedly agree. I had a VT once who never wanted to come to my home, just wanted to go out for ice cream and bring the other girl she taught along. The first time it was fun, but I soon felt obligated to always spend the money and like the conversation could never amount to anything real since we were always in close quarters with other ice cream eaters. Kind of not the point of visiting teaching.

  3. Be still my heart. That is definitely a "picture is worth a thousand words" photo.


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