Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wake me up when September ends

The title of this post is actually not meant to be negative -- the Green Day song was just what came to mind when I was trying to come up with something that described this month. :) It has been busy, busy, busy -- and it's only the middle of the month! I decided to post a few photos of things we've been up to lately:

While this technically wasn't in September, we celebrated Andrew's mom's birthday August 28 in Millcreek Canyon. The weather was beautiful, and it was fun to spend time with a few of Andrew's siblings and their kids. 

On September 9, we waited out the rainstorm and crazy lightning that followed us to the Usana to see Rascal Flatts! 

It was Andrew's birthday present, and we had a lot of fun -- apart from the guy sitting behind us who had a particular love for the F-word, the crazy DJ who kept asking how the crowd was doing in a Rex Kwon Do voice (I am NOT exaggerating) and the morons in the parking lot who made us wait for an hour just to get on the road home.

We capped off a crazy month with a trip to the Utah State Fair on Tuesday, where we ate yummy burritos, drank watermelon water, walked around the photography displays and took tons of pictures of the rides at night. I am in LOVE with Ferris wheels!

I hope you're all having a wonderful September, too! Maybe soon things will slow down!

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  1. You always do such fun things! I love it! Looks like a great September!!


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