Monday, April 11, 2011

Bicycle, bicycle

I spent today ATTEMPTING to print the rest of our wedding pictures to scrapbook them (Walmart's photo service was down), doing my favorite dances on Just Dance 2 (which is my new favorite way to work out),  buying scrapbook stuff at Ross, wrapping a birthday present for our nephew, Franklin, and finally riding my NEW BIKE around Murray Park!

I am absolutely in love with my bike! Andrew spray-painted the basket white for me and tightened the screws and blew up the tires so I could ride it around, and it was perfect. I also got a shiny red helmet so I will be safe when I ride it, but I didn't wear it today. I know, silly unsafe me. I just wanted to take it for a little spin, so I didn't go too fast. :)

Andrew and I had a very productive weekend. He got the entire bedroom painted, except for the trim, and we went to our niece Mya's birthday party and to one of his mission companion's receptions. I finished our ENTIRE wedding scrapbook and was extremely proud of myself -- except that now I have to do the photos from the Utah reception, too. :)

Once we get the trim done and hang new curtains in the bedroom, I'll post photos. Our little home is coming together so nicely!

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  1. I have envy for this bike...swirly, bright green envy. Love it!


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