Monday, April 25, 2011

Royal birthday

Happy birthday to me! I celebrated my royal birthday yesterday -- I turned 24 on the 24th! Andrew and I spent the weekend in Island Park in a cabin my dad rented and just hung out with my family. It was nice to get away from our crazy lives for a little while and celebrate Easter in quiet, beautiful Island Park. 

My mom even brought Easter baskets and Reggie hid them throughout the cabin (Andrew hid his). He is a FUNNY kid! He made us all laugh hysterically with his Family Guy impersonations (even though I've never seen the show) and background singing as Randall wowed us with his songs on the guitar.

We also spent some time with Andrew's sister, Mary, and her family, and I got to spend some time with cousins I hadn't seen in years and hold some new babies -- always a treasure with family.

Since we were traveling for most of the day on my birthday, Andrew surprised me with lunch at work today and a DINOSAUR balloon when I got home. He also made a delicious dinner and a red velvet cake because I was sad I didn't get to eat a birthday cake yesterday. :) Ignore the way my shirt is poofing out in the picture below. I am not sure why I look so big...

We also bought a NEW MATTRESS (long story short -- we bought a new bed frame, sold our old frame and mattress and slept on the couch for two days after an ill-fated trip to Saratoga Springs at 10:00 at night ended in anger over a so-called "gently-used" mattress), spent way too long in Bath and Body Works and got my wedding ring cleaned. I can't believe Andrew bought it a year ago yesterday. It's nuts! If I didn't think it was weird to do this, I would take another picture of it like we did when we got engaged because it is SOOOOO sparkly and beautiful!

Anyway, more pictures to come once we have our bedroom put back together. We finished painting it and just have to hang up the pictures and do the trim. We love our little home. :)

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  1. Sounds like you had a great Birthday and Easter! I especially love the dino ballon! What a fun life you lead :) Keep up the great posts!


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