Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Six months!

So I promised that I wouldn't blog EVERY time Andrew and I celebrated an anniversary, but this one was actually important. Sunday marked our six-month anniversary, and I can hardly believe it! Six months ago we were kneeling across the altar, dancing in a friend's backyard, smearing cake in each other's faces and rushing through a shower of rice before leaving the reception.

Now, six months later, we're celebrating baptisms and baby blessings on both sides of our families, heading out to Tooele for Superbowl parties and snuggling while we watch the Food Network. I love having an amazing husband who loves me even when I'm grouchy and tired.

And I'll be honest -- I've been grouchy lately. It has been a difficult beginning to a new year for many reasons. Fortunately, Andrew hasn't given up on me and is willing to make Target runs for chalkboard piggy banks when I need a pick-me-up. He is wonderful, and marriage is wonderful. I can already tell that February is going to be a much better month than January was. :)

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  1. Are you wearing Chucks in that picture? Adorable! Honestly, it feels like you two have been married longer! Congratulations!


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