Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Seven-year-olds and sleepovers

Andrew and I had our niece, Elsie, over for a sleepover on Friday night. Since I don't have a picture of her, I thought I'd include this one. She is the farthest to the right, in the green shirt with the black flower in her hair.

Elsie, who has four younger brothers and no sisters, was SO EXCITED to come to our house that she packed her bag five days early. Andrew picked her up at about 5:30, and we made macaroni and cheese together, watched Barbie: Thumbelina and Beauty and the Beast and read a Berenstain Bears book before bedtime.

Andrew had to work the next morning, so Elsie and I made valentines, played Trouble and went bowling -- on the Wii. She made sure to make extra valentines for her brothers to work on at home and for both Andrew and me. I hope she had fun, because it was fun to have a cute seven-year-old to keep me company for a little while. :)

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