Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oh, fish tacos

I decided to follow up my last post with a happier one about the things I love! There are so many things. Occasionally I just have to blog about the stuff I am obsessed with. it goes.

Panache. When this store opened in Rexburg while I was still going to BYU-I, I was SO EXCITED. There aren't a lot of clothing places in Rexburg, and I'm always craving funkier clothes you can only find in thrift stores or boutiques. Panache has the greatest clothes and I can afford them! I kind of forgot about it when I moved away UNTIL I found out that the cute owner has a blog. And, best of all, she does giveaways and ships to out-of-towners! Check out her latest giveaway here.

Wallflowers. I can't walk past a Bath and Body Works and not stop in. The scents and sights are just too overwhelming. So OF COURSE I had to buy a bunch of wallflowers when they went on sale after Christmas. We plugged two in in our little condo, and it has taken away the awful old-lady-mothball-laundry-soap smell! Hey, we do live in the basement. :)

Gilmore Girls. The series ended in 2007, but that doesn't stop me from racing home from work to start dinner and watch a new episode every weekday on ABC Family. I don't think there will ever be a show I love as much. I hope I have a daughter and can have that kind of relationship with her.

Fish tacos. I actually just called Andrew to see if he could stop at Del Taco and bring home some fish tacos for dinner. I don't know why I'm so obsessed, but I have to have them at least every other week. They're covered in cabbage and cilantro, come with a lime to squeeze on top and have this delicious creamy white sauce. Oh, man. Andrew had better bring them soon. I'm hungry! :)

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