Sunday, November 28, 2010


We have officially hit winter! Despite all of the snow, we did have a lovely weekend -- unfortunately, we neglected to take any pictures, so I decided this photo from last January would have to do until we take some new pictures.

The week didn't start out so well, however. The bank wouldn't let Andrew leave work early during the blizzard on Tuesday, (Overstock was letting people go at 3 o'clock so they'd make it home safely) and he got hit twice on the way home from work. He wasn't hurt at all, thank goodness, but he was shaken up and the passenger door is completely smashed in. To rub salt in the wound, the insurance company has claimed that he is at fault (even though he was hit by a guy going too fast on the icy roads), so now we're responsible for the deductible. Happy Thanksgiving!

Once I calmed down from that one, we were able to enjoy Thanksgiving with Andrew's family! Every one of his siblings and all of their kids, including our sweet new nephew, Camden, were there -- which hasn't happened in years, Andrew told me. It was fun to have everyone together and enjoy way too much food.

We drove up to Idaho after Andrew got off work on Friday for another Thanksgiving celebration. It was fun to see the new Harry Potter movie with my parents and sister (my brothers were being sticks-in-the-mud), spend time with my good friend Abby and run into friends from BYU-I unexpectedly. Even though our trips to Idaho are usually short and sweet, I always relish them.

I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving! Happy snowy weather!

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