Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pumpkins and parks

Andrew carved these pumpkins on Saturday, and we've been lighting them every night since to add a little fun to our "patio" (the joys of a basement apartment). I bet you can't guess which one I designed. :)

We also went to Frightmares last weekend and got on the swings (one of my favorites), the Samurai, Jet Star and the white rollercoaster. It's REALLY cool at night when you're in the front seat and you're already freezing from walking around the park in October. The haunted houses were pretty lame, but it was fun to get another trip to Lagoon in before it closes, since we have season passes that expire soon.

I love October so much! I can't believe it's already more than halfway over! Fortunately we have cute new shelves and pictures on the walls to make our little apartment feel more like home. I'll be posting pictures soon and having a housewarming party, so if you're in Salt Lake, please stop by! We'd sure love to have you. :)

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  1. We'd love to come see your place! When and where?


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