Thursday, October 14, 2010

From this moment

Jack Johnson said it best when he sang, "I believe in memories; they look so pretty when I sleep."

Today, I was listening to the song Andrew and I danced to at our wedding, and I got the chills when I remembered that perfect moment. It's amazing how one song can bring back all those emotions and still make you feel so incredible. I emailed Andrew at work to tell him how I felt, and he felt the same way! He even told me he'd like to go back to the day I said "yes" and pause that moment.

Here are just a few of the moments in my life I'd like to pause and rewind.

Our wedding dance: The song "Until You" by Dave Barnes was absolutely beautiful and fit our feelings perfectly. I remember feeling like time was suspended and I wanted Andrew and I to just be able to hold each other forever and float up into the clouds.

Kneeling across the altar: I could instantly feel the powerful love Andrew has for me and the love I have for him. Being in the temple with him and all of our family was the greatest feeling, especially as we looked into mirrors to see ourselves together for eternity.

The proposal: I'll never forget the look of absolute joy on Andrew's face as he suddenly dropped to one knee and, with a shaky voice, asked me to be his. We were under a gorgeous tree, it was incredibly peaceful and the man I loved had just asked me the question of a lifetime.

Lagoon Day: Riding the Ferris wheel with Andrew and kissing on the Sky Ride (which I had ALWAYS wanted to do) was one of the happiest days of my life. There's something about fairs and amusement parks that always sticks with me.

Our first date: Even though I threw up twice before Andrew picked me up. barely ate any of my food and nearly puked again while we were watching Avatar, Andrew was still interested and so worried about me. From that night on, I knew there was something special about him, and I knew that he was the guy I'd been praying to find.

What moments would you like to rewind? These are just a few of the incredible ones in my mind from my whirlwind year, but I'm awfully lucky to be experiencing even more moments with my wonderful Andrew every day.

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