Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Our house is a very, very, very fine house

OK. So it's not a house, but it's a CUTE apartment! :) I finally decided to post some pictures, even though there are computer cords on the floor and you can tell I've been curled up watching Glee. It gives it a lived-in look, right?

As for those of you who have asked when the housewarming party will be, cross your fingers for next week. Our October days quickly escaped from us, which is sad. I love October so much.

Andrew and I squeezed one more trip to Frightmares in with our friends Anthony and Brittany last Friday, and we went to Despicable Me at the dollar theater on Saturday. It was lovely to have a Saturday to ourselves.

P.S. My favorite Rexburg shop Panache (which I am making my sister shop at since I no longer live there) is having a giveaway, so you should check it out! Free headbands! :)

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