Monday, July 5, 2010

One month left!

Hi, friends! Sorry for those of you who have been reading my blog and were looking forward to a post last week. I was crazy busy and really didn't have much to report because... we printed out our invitations and started addressing them! We're officially getting married in a month from tomorrow! I am SO IN LOVE with my boy!

Now, for a quick update on what we did during the past few days. We drove Ruby to a parking lot a few blocks away from Andrew's high school and watched the annual fireworks there. Then we went to Lava Hot Springs on Saturday to meet my family halfway, spent Sunday evening with his family and went to Lagoon-a-beach today. It was nice to have a long weekend to just hang out and have fun before all the wedding stress happens.

Andrew is incredible. I fall more in love every day. It's crazy when we go shopping now, because all of a sudden, I'm wanting tables and chairs, loveseats and sofas for our new home. I start thinking about the meals I will have to learn to cook when we buy pots and pans. And I want even more DVDs and Blu-rays for our weekly date nights and evenings just snuggling at home.

We're getting MARRIED! No turning back now! :)

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