Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memories light the corner of my mind

I had a great Memorial Day weekend with Andrew and his family, and it stirred up a lot of old memories I have with my family.

We went to his brother's house and watched The Princess Bride, and I was reminded of all the times my sister and brothers and I watched that movie -- and quoted the entire rhyming scene all the time (much to the chagrin of my mother).

Andrew and I met his friends at a Bees game, and I was reminded of the time I watched my first (and only) Yankees game with my brother and was horrified as the Yankees and Red Sox got in a huge fight when they knocked their elderly manager to the ground.

Andrew and I listened to a double quartet sing "Bring Him Home" in sacrament meeting on Sunday, and I was reminded of the many times I had listened to my father and then my brother sing that song at our home and at church.

And finally, we went to a cemetery on Monday morning and placed flowers on the graves of Andrew's grandparents, and I was reminded of my own grandfather, who has been gone for a year now.

I think memories are some of the most important things we possess. Photographs fade, flowers wilt, buildings crumble, but the memories we have of the people we love and the places we have always enjoyed will be with us forever.

I hope your own Memorial Day weekend was filled with beautiful memories like mine was -- and I hope, like me, you're looking forward to creating more of your own memories. I can hardly wait to make my own with Andrew, soon to be mine for eternity.

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