Sunday, May 23, 2010

Never a... bridesmaid

I spent this past weekend in Idaho and had my first (and probably last, since I'm 23 and an 'old maid' in my high school class) experience as a bridesmaid in my friend Kristen's wedding.

It was bittersweet for many reasons. I was happy for Kristen to marry Blair, this incredibly sweet man who has taken care of her for 3 years, but I'm sad that they're moving to New Mexico and I'll rarely see her anymore. I was happy to be in Idaho, home sweet home, but I was sad to be spending my first weekend away from Andrew since we began dating in January.

It was strange and almost surreal to be standing next to one of my best friends, knowing that she was married and I was the next one in line in just a few short months. I thought about the saying "Always a bridesmaid -- never a bride" and realized that I've always gone to weddings, especially for high school friends, and come home wondering when it would be my turn.

But this time, I had a gorgeous ring on my left hand, a huge smile on my face and a million things to tell all my old friends from St. Anthony about the amazing man I'm marrying in August. I missed Andrew and realized I love him even more when we're apart -- because I appreciate him and I think about all of the wonderful things he does for me and his kind, good heart.

I guess life is about those times when we're always a bridesmaid (or never, in my case) and wondering what life has in store for us. For me, life had Utah and Andrew in store, a man who treats me like a queen and still opens the door for me each day. Life had a brother's serious health problems in store, but it also had healing, enough that Reggie could give me a "tsunami" while I was at home this weekend (essentially shaking the shower and pouring a bucket of cold water on my head).

It'll be my turn to be the bride on August 6, but there will be plenty of other times in my life when I'm still just 'at the wedding' and wondering why my prayers haven't been answered. And you know what? That's OK. Heavenly Father knows what we need -- and sometimes what we need is something vastly different than what we expected.

So be happy and remember -- there is always plenty of nuts, mints and cake at the receptions we wait at along the way.

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