Monday, June 7, 2010

It's what fun is!

Andrew and I spent half of Friday riding, swinging, swaying, walking, spinning and dropping.

That's right. We went to Lagoon for's annual party! It was fun to be there with my fiance this time, walking from roller coaster to swings to haunted house with virtually no lines at all. We had a barbecue and took some time out on the Sky Ride when we got a little dizzy from riding the Samurai, Rocket and Paratrooper within minutes of each other.
I also had a lovely Saturday cleaning out Ruby and then going to the new Percy Jackson and the Olympians movie at the dollar theater with Andrew, despite the giggling 12-year-old audience we just didn't fit into.
And Sunday, we took some engagement pictures ourselves at this beautiful old church. Hopefully we'll have our invitations done in a few weeks! We just need to get the PERFECT shot to use.
My favorite part of the weekend, though, was our rides on the Ferris wheel. I've always loved Ferris wheels. There's something about being suspended high in the air and looking at the world from a new perspective that's inspiring. And, of course, it's amazing to be sitting alone with the man you love who will be your husband in two months!!
Ain't love grand?

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  1. Yes Lindsay! That is grand and super grand for you!!!


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