Friday, January 1, 2010

Is that MY voice?

Happy New Year! 2010 is here, and I want to shout for joy... except that I currently have a sinus infection and have lost my voice as a result. So, after a quick trip to Wal-Mart (which is right next to my apartment) to buy a humidifier, rubbing alcohol, flossers (I've been reading too much about gingivitis lately) and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (that was because I wandered around the store too long), I came home and have been bundled up on the couch ever since.

However, I did want to take pictures of the apartment, as promised, so I can show them to you all! I really am SO excited that I have my own place to decorate. Anyway, here they are!

I REALLY wish I could figure out how to make the pictures not go in that ugly layout, but I can't. Sorry. Please ignore the hideousness.

Anyway, that's my apartment! It's really cute, I promise. The pictures are kind of obscure, I know. We don't have the best lighting.

Now, on to the new year stuff. Supposedly, if you write stuff down, you're more likely to stick to it. Thus, I have decided to make all of you my witnesses as I vow to do these 10 things this year. Clearly, they are in no particular order:

10. Submit my manuscript to a children's book publisher!
9. Work out 5 times a week to actually achieve my rock-hard abs
8. Blog/write in my journal at least once a week
7. Watch a few more movies on the AFI Top 100 list
6. Read "Jesus the Christ" and "The Miracle of Forgiveness"
5. Freelance occasionally for magazines
4. Create more "domestic" stuff so I can one day actually become a respectable housewife
3. Balance my checkbook weekly!
2. Practice the guitar and get good at it!
1. Look for the good in everyone and everything

That's all folks, until the next blog post, that is. Hopefully it will now be weekly! And hopefully I will have a real voice and not just a cyber voice next time. :)


  1. Lindsay,

    Love your goals. I might be able to assist you on some:

    9. Workout ball and weights are great for abs
    6. Keep a journal with Jesus the Christ, it will be worth it.
    3. Check it out. It makes my financial life so much better.
    1. Compare everyone to me so that they'll automatically look better.

    Love your blog.

  2. Lindsay, great goals. I'm sure that you will achieve each one. I sure hope I get the job so we can work together! That'd be so awesome :) Good luck starting out the new year.

  3. Your apartment is so cute! As for being more "domestic," just make all the recipes in the Friend and you'll be set. :)

  4. Lindsay, Your apartment turned out really cute! I love it. And, awesome New Years Resolutions. Although, I think "hang out with my cousin Jenny" should be on there! :)


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