Monday, October 20, 2014

Five months

It's been a busy few weeks, so I'm just getting to their five-month update. These babies have my whole heart and just keep getting more and more fun. I am so blessed to be their mom. Here's what they're doing now that they're five months old.


  • Weighed 13.5 pounds and was 25 inches long at his appointment three weeks ago
  • Is smiling and babbling all the time now
  • Still loves music and will try to talk to me as I sing to him
  • Is SO close to rolling over but seems to get his arms stuck under him before he can roll to his tummy
  • Has what I call "baby narcolepsy" and falls asleep almost instantly when he's been playing or even sometimes just babbling
  • Loves to be snuggled and have his bottom patted (so funny)
  • Fits into three-month clothes, but they're getting tight
  • Still wakes up happy and just talks to himself in his crib until we pick him up
  • Has to have short cat naps after every feeding but will sometimes sleep for hours in the afternoon
  • Loves to sit up and see what's going on, whether in a bouncer or on someone's lap
  • Usually eats five ounces at every feeding now (though he's seemed less hungry this week)
  • Loves to suck on his fingers and has actually caused the skin to peel from the moisture
  • Tries to talk to Norah and likes to lay by her on their play mat
  • Has begun grabbing toys and loves to play with his blanket
  • Likes to sing himself to sleep (and keep singing when he's asleep)


  • Weighed 12.5 pounds and was 24.5 inches long at her appointment three weeks ago
  • Still LOVES her pacifier and will open her mouth and reach for it when she spits it out
  • Has discovered her tongue and is always sticking it out
  • Loves to lie on the play mat and grab toys or just play with her hands
  • Rolled over Oct. 12 when we were at Andrew's family's cabin — and I was so excited that Andrew and I were both there to see her hit this milestone
  • Smiles at us all the time and babbles occasionally
  • Is trying really hard to start giggling but hasn't really done it yet
  • Fits into three-month clothes, but most are still a little big
  • Has teeny tiny feet and just barely grew out of the newborn shoes I bought to announce her arrival
  • Drools a lot and soaks through her onesies often
  • Grabs toys on the play mat and likes to pull her blanket over her head and play with it
  • Sleeps with her arms extended up above her head
  • Loves to snuggle by her dad and can sleep for hours like that
  • Takes long naps in the morning and afternoon, sleeping through wiggly Henry next to her on the play mat
  • Still isn't a big fan of her car seat but is staying awake longer in the car

We had such a fun weekend with my mom, my brother, sister-in-law and niece in town, and Henry and Norah loved having Grandma sing to them and make them smile and giggle. We feel so blessed to have these lively, beautiful babies in our lives.


  1. awww 5 months already? they're getting so big!!

  2. I loved your five month update, Lindsay. Your sweethearts are growing like crazy and sure are the center of your world. xxx

  3. love your updates! and no worries about not stopping by. i know how crazy busy you are! i had someone named "lindsay" that commented on my blog, and when i clicked on her profile the blog was erased, so i didn't know if that was you. glad to know it's not!!


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