Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Eleven things before 11 a.m.

 The lovely Eli of Today My Way tagged me and provided me with these fun questions to answer, and I thought it would be a nice break from my heavier posts lately.

If you want to answer these questions, please share them on your blog! I'd love to read them. :)
  1. Your mantra of the moment: "I never have yet felt a twinge of regret for being a little too kind."
  2. Your favorite destination for a romantic break: Kona, Hawaii (where we went on our honeymoon).
  3. Your most treasured possession: My great-grandmother's wedding ring from the 1930s.
  4. Obscure fact few people know about you: I can perfectly imitate the Teen Girl Squad characters' voices.
  5. What's your latest obsession? I am in love with EOS lip balm, especially the green mint kind.
  6. Your fantasy career: A coffee shop singer like Ingrid Michaelson.
  7. It's perfectly OK to... eat candy that falls on the floor (as long as you pick it up within 10 seconds).
  8. What gets easier as you get older? Letting things go — and realizing that you can't control everything.
  9. Thing you'd like to tell your 16-year-old self: You'll be married to the most wonderful man you can imagine, and life will surprise you every day.
  10. Spring makes you... want to buy flowers and eat sandwiches in the park.
  11. Your best advice: Find out what you're good at and what you're passionate about, and do that as much as you can. Don't focus on your weaknesses or the things that make you unhappy.


  1. I loved reading this post - and how lovely title, wouldn't have thought about it myself!
    A coffee shop singer? How unique and fascinating! And a great advice about eating candy that falls on the floor... if the reflexes are quick enough of course. xxx

  2. That made me check out Ingrid. Is that your singing style? I like her.

  3. This is so sweet Lindsay and your #9 is so sweet. Also, I love your #8 because it is so true how getting older made me realize not to dwell on things I can't control. Hope you're doing well and enjoying your Sunday.


  4. my fave possession is my great-great grandmother's wedding ring. she died when my great granny was 3, so i never met her, but it was the ring worn my my great-granny until the day she passed. and now it's mine. it's way too tiny for my finger, but i will wear it one day!

  5. Love these types of posts! We got to go to Hawaii a few years ago and it was soo so beautiful.. I want to go back!

  6. eight and nine were so lovely and encouraging!

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  7. Yes, letting go is so much easier now that we're getting older.
    Love what you would tell your 16-year-old self. :)


Thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts! I love reading them.