Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lip balm and laundry

Our good friend Brittany took some pictures of us together right before Thanksgiving, and I never posted them, so I thought I'd share this one today. It was freezing when we took them and I just wanted to curl up inside with a blanket, but I'm glad we have them. We haven't had couple pictures taken since we got married in 2010!

I know Valentine's Day is still a month away, but I am so grateful for my husband and wanted to just mention that. It's taken me a while to recover from the cold that kept me down the week of my sister's wedding, and during that time he has done laundry, dishes and cooking without saying a word. I finally had some energy yesterday and cleaned the bathroom and kitchen, but I am amazed at how much he serves me and takes care of me all the time.

When I lost my favorite lip balm at church on Sunday (the only balm that has actually cured my perpetually peeling lips), he brought me home a brand-new one and gave me his to use until I had it. It's the little things, but they make a BIG difference in marriage. I am so blessed to have Andrew forever!


  1. You MUST share the secret as to what brand of lip balm you use! My lips get SOOO chapped up here in the winter!

  2. This is a sweet story, Lindsay. I'm glad you're feeling much better now and your lips are taken care of. As for the photo, you both look lovely, I'd definitely frame it and hang it near the fireplace or somewhere cozy because by looking at you guys, you must be a great couple. Wish you all the happiness in the world. xxx

  3. You are a beautiful couple. I'm so glad that you found someone wonderful! That is a very sweet story. You have a great husband!


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