Monday, December 23, 2013

What not to give guys for Christmas

Confession time: I am not great at picking out gifts for guys. Every Christmas, Andrew gets me wonderfully thoughtful gifts, and I have to rack my brain to come up with something that he'd really like. I've been successful a few times, but usually my gifts fall flat.

So this infographic from Dollar Shave Club made me laugh. They polled a bunch of guys about the worst gifts they've ever gotten and put all the results in a fun visual form. My favorite part was the top five gifts men hate. I mean, I don't think cologne boxed sets are that awful of a gift, but travel chess sets? People actually buy those?

Are you good at giving guys presents? There are still two days until Christmas, and I've yet to find the perfect gift for Andrew, so I'm all ears!


  1. What a nice advice Lindsay especially that I was involved in a challenge for a perfect Christmas gift for my husband this year and will reveal the whole experience on my blog on the 30th of December. I hope it will be the gift of gifts, but a girl never knows. Happy Christmas, guys!! xxx

  2. Vince is getting slippers from L.L. Bean. :-)

  3. lol thatmademe giggle. the guys in my fam are getting pj pants. they love them and use em.

  4. Ha! Love these infographs! I am the worst gift-giver! I stress too much and then always seem to choose the wrong thing!
    Rod gets a cologne box-set and underwear every year (along with a few other things).
    It's the thought that counts, right? :)


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