Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Holiday style with Brilliant Earth

I know Wednesdays are normally reserved for posts about writing and grammar, but Brilliant Earth contacted me and asked me to participate in their weekly personality style challenge — and I was so flattered!

Here's the skinny: Brilliant Earth is a Canadian jewelry site dedicated to providing conflict-free diamonds, especially in engagement rings. They also offer gorgeous earrings and necklaces.

Since I'm pretty simple when it comes to my jewelry, I figured the minimalist personality fit me best. This outfit is something I would totally buy (I already have a similar coat, hat and boots) and something that would be flattering on most women.

I also love the rose gold earrings, bar necklace and halo ring, because they're classic but pack a punch at the same time.

Classic holiday

Wallis field coat

Black legging


$855 -

$580 -

ASOS black hat

What do you think? Would you wear this outfit? What's your jewelry personality?


  1. Do they have something for the homeless personality? That's how I'm dressed today.

  2. I love the minimalist jewelry look.. it's so elegant! Those earrings are adorable!

  3. Yes, I think a nice pair of earrings and a ring or bracelet would be perfect. I love minimalistic look and love your choices. xx


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