Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Writing Wednesday: Mom and Dad

Yes, the picture is three years old, but it's the only good picture I have of my mom and me together.

I am battling a really bad cold, so this is going to be a brief post. I see this very frequently and wanted to explain why it's incorrect:

My Mom is my hero and my favorite person in the whole world.

While that phrase may be true, the titles mom and dad should only be capitalized when you're addressing that person directly or writing about them with no qualifiers (like the word my) or pronouns (like his or her).


  • Did you talk to Mom today? (Asking your sibling, who also calls your mother Mom.)
  • Mom taught me to be kind to other people and work hard.
  • My dad is a masterful storyteller.
  • Joe's dad is a firefighter.

Clear as mud? Do you have trouble knowing when to capitalize these titles?

Side note: My mom just turned 50 on Friday, and she really is one of my heroes. I wish I were half as kind and selfless as she is. She is an incredible person, and I'm blessed to have such a wonderful mother who would absolutely do anything for her kids. Love you, Mom!


  1. the cold has gotten you toooo!! oh no! get better, my love.

  2. Nice photo. Does your dad have curly hair?


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