Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Writing Wednesday: Three steps to link your email to your Blogger profile

Technically, this post is not really about writing/grammar. However, it is about a way that you help me be a better blogger — and be a better blogger yourself! Take just three minutes and link your email address to your Blogger profile.

Here's how to do it:

1. From your Blogger dashboard, click the drop-down menu next to your name in the right corner of the screen, and then click "Blogger profile."

2. Click the orange "Edit profile" button on the right.

3. Check the box next to "Show my email address."

That's it! SO easy, right? You may be wondering why you should do this, though, so here are several reasons it can benefit you AND other readers:

  • It makes it easy for someone to respond to your comment or question. I love receiving your kind comments on my blog, and I'd like to thank you personally or answer the questions you have in an email. Unfortunately, if your profile isn't linked to your email address, I can't email you unless I can somehow find contact info on your blog — and that means I have to leave a totally random comment on your blog answering your question (or not respond at all). Please help a sister out and link your email address so I can connect with you! :)
  • Someone can easily contact you about a giveaway. This might sound out of place, but if you read a lot of blogs like I do and enter contests and giveaways, you know that entering your email address and contact information time after time can get REALLY old. When you link your email to your blog, you make it easy for another blogger to contact you. Who knows? You might win a giveaway and not even know because they have no way of getting in touch with you.
  • Your followers can quickly see your contact information and get a hold of you. If you don't have an email address listed on your blog that followers can use to contact you AND your profile isn't linked to your blog, it's nearly impossible for people to email you with questions or opportunities. Linking your blog with your email address is a simple way for people to find a way to connect with you.

There you have it. If you're not already linked up, I really encourage you to take a few minutes and make that change. I'd love to be able to respond to your kind comments personally! Do you have more tips on connecting with other bloggers?


  1. Done! Thanks for the tip! You're so smart!

  2. While I completely understand your points, I admit, I hateeee being a reply-blogger. I find that my readership goes down by a HUGE amount. I feel such pressure and bloggers are so MEAN when I'm no-reply blogger. My email is all over my blog, if an email is legitimately warranted. I find this to rarely be the case.
    Instead of stopping by my blog and leaving a comment, just like I did for them, I get an email thanking me for the comment. Everyone is thankful for the comment/visit, and I get it's good manners, but I don't see the need for it.

    I find the bloggers that pressure us to make sure emails are shown rarely stop by my blog. The blog I work SO hard on, from 8-12 every night, doesn't get a view from them. I see this email response as a waste of time on both sides. Unless I ask a question, or it's something personal, I never expect a response. I don't write my blog for the heck of it, I write it to help others. I know beauty isn't exactly changing the world, but I know people have learned something that might help them. Now if only they would stop by! ;)

  3. I reply to comments on my blog using threaded comments. I want people to see the conversation all in one place. If I ask a question on someone's blog, I'll go back and check that blog. I only follow about twenty something blogs, so it's not a big deal. It seems that the people I follow are doing the same. I really don't like email very much. (The telephone is worse.)

    So you don't have to stop by my blog anymore unless you want to, since I check back. :-)

    1. Oh, Susie! I certainly didn't intend this post to sound like I don't want to read other people's blogs -- I do! I think it's only fair that if someone took the time to visit my blog, I should go visit theirs. I don't make it over every day, but I do try to read my followers' blogs at least three times a week.

      The main reason I like having people link their accounts to their email addresses is because it allows me to respond personally (like saying thank you to those who left thoughtful comments about my grandpa's passing). Sometimes I feel weird leaving a personal comment on someone else's blog that has nothing to do with what they blogged about. Anyway, thank you for your comment, and please know that I enjoy reading your blog and admiring your dry wit. :)

    2. Lost my first response. I researched this topic before the above post and found that most people agree with you. Email is preferred. I'm just in the minority. I did feel bad about your Grandpa post because that was personal.

      Of course I know you want to visit other blogs. :-)

      We just have one email at our house, so it's clogged up as is.

  4. I just wanted to chime in by saying that I agree with you completely--I wish more of my readers would link their email so I could respond personally. Even though I will reply directly in the comment form if their email isn't linked, I would rather not because a) it's honestly easier for me to respond through email and b) sometimes the comment is more personal in nature and I would rather just have it between me and the reader.

    P.S. In response to some of the other comments on this post, any time someone new comments on my blog, I ALWAYS take the time to visit and comment on their blog as well. I think that's the courteous thing to do, and I've met some really great bloggers that way!

    1. I just realized I actually forgot to mention the biggest reason why I want MY email linked to MY profile--it's because if I leave a comment on someone's blog, I would far prefer them to reply via email instead of via the comment form. I like subscribing to posts, but I really hate subscribing to comments, but it's either that or I have to go back and see if they've responded, which feels like a big hassle. It's not that I don't want to go back to their blog--I just don't want to have to click back through the post just to see if they've replied to my earlier comment.


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