Monday, February 4, 2013

Music Monday: Give your heart a break

I have to admit: I watch Glee every week and look forward to seeing what song they will cover next.

I am also the first to admit that the show is ridiculous, completely out of touch with real life (a little high school in Iowa has the budget for elaborate choir outfits and costumes, and a mini orchestra accompanies the Glee club members in the auditorium whenever they feel like breaking into song?) and has an obnoxiously obvious social agenda each episode. Anyone remember the episode where **spoiler alert** Rachel and Finn are getting married and Quinn gets in a car wreck because she's texting while driving?

Glee also often promotes a trashy lifestyle for teens and makes it look cool to sleep around or be manipulative and cruel. I feel like it tries to push the boundaries of TV each week and be more shocking than than ever before.

I clearly have a lot of issues with this show, and there are times when I've turned it off or just fast forwarded through the drama to the music. But I watch it for the moments where songs completely strike a chord (pun not intended) with my life.

The scene below is one of those times. I watched this episode four months ago when it aired, but I only recently bought the song when I got an iTunes gift card for Christmas (since the songs are $1.29 each and I'm cheap). Since then, I've had it in my head and can't stop singing it. The duet is gorgeous!

It's part of a really sad episode where everyone is breaking up, but I love the emotions you feel while Rachel and Brody are singing and Rachel's former boyfriend/fiance, Finn, is realizing that he and Rachel have drifted apart and he's lost her. Who hasn't felt the pain of a break-up or even of just losing a best friend and becoming a different person?

Enjoy -- and then prepare to click over to iTunes or Amazon to buy it. You'll totally want to.

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