Monday, December 17, 2012

Music Monday: Bring Him Home

I spent the weekend in Idaho with my family, celebrating my sister's graduation from nursing school. She is brilliant and graduated summa cum laude, instantly showing up my bachelor's degree from nearly four years ago with just her associate's degree -- although I did take a bit of comfort in knowing that I, the communication major, had to tell her how to correctly pronounce "summa cum laude." :)

I also spent a bit of the weekend depressed because I am now fighting a bad cold and couldn't sing Christmas songs with my family like I've been planning for weeks. Unfortunately, this happened around Christmas last year, too, and ruined my hopes of recording several Christmas songs. I know I shouldn't care that much and that my voice (which is basically completely gone at this point) will come back in a few days, but I was looking forward to this tradition and am sad that an unexpected cold ruined it.

And since we were traveling on Friday, we missed the news of the terrible Connecticut tragedy until hours after it had happened. My heart aches for the families, students and teachers affected, especially since I just learned a few hours ago that one of my company's employees has a first grader in the school whose classroom is near the office -- and he is so terrified that he asked his mom if their whole family could sleep in his bedroom that night.

So. I'm feeling depressed, and I'm sure many of you are after the tragedy on Friday, so I thought I'd share this track Andrew recorded of me playing the piano while my dad sang "Bring Him Home" at my parents' house. It isn't perfect; I've said before that I'm not a great piano player, and my dad was also fighting a cold and is not the high tenor he once was. And neither of us practiced this before I sat down and started playing. But this song has always brought me comfort, and I hope it brings you comfort, too.

P.S. We do not play with iMovie often enough to know what we're doing, so this video is not great, either. Unfortunately, Blogger doesn't allow you to upload audio files, so I had Andrew throw this together at the last minute since my computer is a dinosaur and not working well anymore.

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  1. Oh man, sorry you weren't able to sing with the family. I love and miss singing carols myself.


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