Friday, December 14, 2012

Fashion Friday: Lady in red

 Coat: JLo via Overstock (old) | Tights: Ross | Wedges: Target (old)

Dress: Modcloth

I saw this dress on Modcloth a couple of months ago and knew I needed it -- especially when I got a $20 off coupon. I mean, seriously. Cherry red, peter pan collar, peplum, knee-length -- it has me written all over it. Unfortunately, it doesn't photograph as well as I thought it would, and once again my collar is lopsided. Nice. I blame that on the fact that I shucked off the coat, had Andrew snap a quick picture and then ran back inside. It was freezing.

P.S. I adore this coat, which I snagged for a steal while I worked at Overstock, but it's one of those lengths that's impossible to wear. I've worn it with jeans before, but it ends up looking too dressy (and then there's nowhere to hang it at work). So I usually just wear it on Sundays with dresses during the fall and winter. It's warm and soft.

And yes, I took an hour to straighten my hair, the first time I've done it since cutting my hair off in March. I don't do it very often, but I do love how soft it feels when it's straight. It also looks much longer than it does when it's curly, doesn't it?

Have you ever found THE dress you've been dreaming of? I have to say that I really like the '40s vibe of this one, and it could be cute in the summer with sandals, too.


  1. oh my goodness, beyond stunning. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my new post and latest style column for xo

  2. That red dress is so beautiful! You look wonderful. If you get a chance, please checkout my latest holiday post.


  3. OH wow, how gorgeous is that dress! And it looks so great on your tiny little figure.

    1. Thanks, Disney! I don't have a tiny little figure, but it's nice that you think that. :)


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