Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Blue Lagoon

On Friday, Andrew and I took some time off work to go to one of my very favorite places, Lagoon. It might seem weird that a little (compared to Disneyland, anyway) amusement park in Utah is one of my favorite places, but I have such great memories of going there as a kid. Since my dad grew up in Salt Lake, he'd always tell us about his favorite ride (the Flying Aces) and have his own little trip down memory lane when we were there. As for me, I longed to sit on the Sky Ride someday with my boyfriend, floating over the entire theme park at dusk as he put his arm around me and kissed me. Yes, that really was my dream.

Guess what. I never went to Lagoon with a boyfriend. But I've gone with my husband several times -- and that's even better. We even ride the Sky Ride, and he holds my hand and kisses me and lets me lean on his shoulder as we glide high above the carousel, fountains and flowers. What's better than that?

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