Sunday, July 22, 2012

Family and fireworks

Since a lot of Andrew's family was together this weekend for his newest nephew's baby blessing, we had a mini family reunion on Saturday! His brother Chris rented an inflatable bounce house with a water slide, so all of the kids played in that for quite a while. I went down it twice and decided bounce houses are just not as fun for adults as they are for kids, especially when you have to crouch down just to crawl inside it and end up covered in mud and grass.

Which is why I spent my time sitting in the kiddy pool. At first, it was just me, Franklin and Isabel. (And clearly I need to get out in the sun more. My legs are blindingly white.)

Then a few more kids hopped in.

And that was when I got out of the pool and stood by Andrew as he took shot after shot of kids going down the slide. I think they turned out pretty well.

The kids had a blast playing in the water, and it actually cooled off quite a bit in the afternoon -- which was great, since I didn't put on any sunscreen. Oops.

We finished off the day with streamer and parachute fireworks in a nearby field and then the colorful sparkly ones back at the house. Since Andrew took most of the photos in the post, I am proud to say that I took the firework pictures. The ones I planned on didn't work out on July 4th, so I'm glad that Utah has another holiday in July for makeup firework pictures.

Even baby Amree loved them! She was clapping her hands in delight.

Pictures I took of the kids playing with sparklers tonight will hopefully be up tomorrow. And you can check out the pictures of Glacier National Park on Wanderlust and Weekends, too. I'll be adding photos of Bannack State Park soon.


  1. Fun pictures! I'll have to get copies from you.

  2. What a cute picture of you in the pool with all those kids. You're a good sport.
    That baby is adorable.


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