Monday, July 2, 2012

Big Shot

I swear I'm going to get back to the Glacier National Park pictures (although you guys really probably don't care as much about them as I do -- I just really want to get them posted), but I had to interrupt again to share my new toy:

Meet the Big Shot! After I went to an ill-fated card-making party a few weeks ago and a) had to pay $20 when the lady had told me the class was free two hours before, b) ran out of cash and had to owe her four bucks (and she lives in a mansion) and c) came home and immediately started bawling to Andrew from stress and anxiety over having to pay extra money for a class and not standing up for myself, I decided that I could make pretty cards myself.

The lady who held the class had this machine, and here's why I liked it:
  • It's simple. Unlike the Cricut (which I drooled over the entire time I worked at Overstock because we were frequently promoting it), it's not electronic, so there are fewer parts to break down or have to learn to use.
  • It's cheap. The Big Shot was only $60 on Amazon (plus I had a $50 gift card -- yeah!), while the Cricut Expression is about $200.
  • It's compact. I don't have a ton of room for scrapbooking/craft stuff, so I like that the Big Shot doesn't take up a ton of room -- and it's portable (which is great, since I can't even carry my sewing machine around).
OK. I swear this is not a sponsored post, even though that would be nice. Who wouldn't want free crafting stuff? I just wanted to share this awesome machine since it just came today and I am SO EXCITED about it.

So what does it do, you ask? It's a die-cutting machine that also embosses paper with different textures. I ordered several different embossing folders with my Joann's gift card (thanks, Kathy!) to use and was seriously shrieking with delight when I saw how awesome they looked.

So if any of you get a card in the next little while, don't be surprised. I'm just having too much fun with my cool new toy. Even Andrew likes it.

Anyone want to come to a card-making party sometime soon? I won't charge you 20 bucks -- I promise. You can just come chat and make whatever you want. :)


  1. Looks like so much fun! I have never heard of it before but would LOVE to try it out with you sometime!

  2. Looks like soo much fun! I am totally into this stuff. We should have a card night!!

  3. That looks so cool! Though I am so NOT creative that way.


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