Sunday, April 29, 2012

Time flies

I had to have a new picture of myself for a Relief Society spotlight, so I thought I'd share the one Andrew just took. After our photography class last weekend, we've been more conscious about ISO and flash, so I think this one turned out pretty well -- especially since it was taken inside at 7 p.m.!

And here is my lovely birthday gift from Andrew, a rose-gold watch. I love that it's oversized and boyfriend-inspired, but it's not enormous and heavy. He did well.

Yes, I realize that my skin looks mottled and purple (as it often does -- the result of poor circulation), but I'm too lazy to Photoshop the picture and make myself look better, so just pay attention to the watch and not my arm. :)

We started teaching the 16-year-olds in Sunday School today, and I'm already trying to come up with a better plan for next week. Teaching teens is hard! How do you get them to pay attention and stop talking? At least they're nice and none of them are troublemakers. I remember having some really obnoxious kids in my Sunday School class when I was in high school. We'll see how things go.

Do you feel like time flies by faster as you get older? Sometimes I don't know where the day has gone! I remember as a kid watching the clock or counting the days down to my birthday or to Christmas, and now, before I know it, they've passed by. Another year older and, hopefully, wiser! I'm determined to make 25 much better than 24.


  1. I love that watch! And as far as teens go: I kind of hate them. I remember hating teens when I WAS a teen, and talking to my fellow teens about hating teens . . . I think it's just the general brand of teens out there that are awful. The good ones are few and far between . . . gosh I sound like such an old fogie typing that.

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I read the part about the 'modest amount' of mustard aloud to my husband and we laughed for an hour. It's a perfect illustration of what the word has become in LDS culture.

    I teach the same class! I sort of love it, even when I have to tell them to pipe down five times per lesson.


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