Sunday, January 22, 2012

ZBB for me

I know I promised pictures of our new home, but I'm a perfectionist and hate to post pictures until all the photos are on the walls and we have everything organized the way we'd like it to be. So you'll have to wait for a few more days. :)

Here is one photo to make this post more interesting. Andrew and I went to the Zac Brown Band concert yesterday and quickly snapped this picture from our seats. They were actually on the top level of the Maverik Center, which you wouldn't think would be that great, but they were actually pretty close to the stage.

I will be the first to admit that this is not a great picture of me. I am still in a lot of pain from the wisdom teeth surgery, and my head was already hurting when we got to the concert. Combine that with REALLY loud speakers and four hours of sitting in a tiny stadium chair, and you get a massive headache.

Oh, and the people down the row from us felt the need to get totally hammered during the concert, so they got up about every half hour and made us move so they could get by and bring back beer. I'm sure each of them drank five tall cups of beer -- and then one of them kicked over another lady's cup going to get more beer, so Andrew and I were sitting in a deep puddle of it by the end of the concert. NOT COOL. Good thing there was a snowstorm, so we were able to wipe all of it off our shoes just walking to the car.

Anyway. The concert was amazing! Zac Brown and every single person in the band was incredibly talented. They did a rendition of "Devil Went Down to Georgia," and I have never seen someone play the fiddle that fast. I liked every single song they sang, and they looked like they were having the time of their lives. The guitarist kept running back and forth on the stage, and we could have sworn he was going to go crowd-surfing at one point. The bass player had a stunning voice, and all of the band members sang this incredible rendition of "America the Beautiful" as an intro to "Chicken Fried." It was so much fun to hear ZBB live. My toes were tapping and my hands were clapping the entire time.

The thing I liked most about it, though, was how real everyone was. Zac Brown looks like a normal guy, with his beanie and thick beard, and everyone else looked like they escaped from Woodstock -- but in a good way. I like that they're not polished and putting on a gimmicky show with fireworks or water or crazy lights. They're just a bunch of guys singing incredible, soulful songs who are playing their hearts out and giving you a great, heartfelt performance. If you get the chance to see them live, DO IT. You will love every minute of it.

Thanks for the great Christmas present, Andrew! Best concert yet, in my opinion -- although the 2008 James Taylor concert comes close. :)

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  1. You look fabulous in knit hats, despite the wisdom-toothiness of this photo.

    I'm sorry about the beer-folk. I haven't been to a concert in ages for the same reasons.


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