Thursday, November 3, 2011

Things that must go

This is my "blowing off steam" picture.

I listen to a radio station in the morning for a few minutes on the way to work that has a weekly "Things that Must Go" feature. One week, the radio hosts list a few of the things that bother them, and the next week, it's up to listeners to send in their complaints.

This week, I've decided to create my own things that must go list. Don't worry; this is not going to be a weekly or even monthly thing. It's just my little vent-for-a-minute-about-things-that-annoy-me-and-then-go-back-to-life post. Note: Take this all with a grain of salt. As Andrew can tell you, things that bother me don't always bug anyone else -- but it's still fun to occasionally get them off your chest. :)

Couples who combine their Facebook profiles into one. OK. I understand when you get married that you want to "become one," but this does NOT mean that you can no longer have your own Facebook profile or -- heaven forbid -- your own email address. Every time I see a "Fred N' Ginger Rogers" or "TomandKatie Holmes-Cruise," I die a little inside. Really? You don't have the time to manage your own Facebook profile and keep in touch with your own friends, so you merge your spouse's profile with yours and then make it impossible for someone to know who, in fact, they are actually getting when they write on your wall? Here's a suggestion. Keep your own profile and your own individual posts and friends so that people can contact YOU and not "andDave." And please leave the "'n" to '90s musical groups like Salt-n-Pepa.

Give-us-money mail from universities. I am proud to tell people that I attended BYU-Idaho, and if I am ever wealthy, I would definitely like to be one of those philanthropists who donates money to scholarship funds or pledges enough for a new building named after them (doesn't the Wilcox auditorium have a nice ring to it?) But until that time comes, if it ever does, I do NOT need letter after letter from the university asking that I contribute and get my husband to contribute and ask our EMPLOYERS if they will match our contributions and submit my personal information so they can update their alumni database. This must go.

The omission of Gilmore Girls from ABC Family. Yes, I own four seasons of the show already, but this does not mean that you can just remove one of the greatest sitcoms of all time from your lineup and replace it with hours of That 70's Show, Pretty Little Liars and -- the worst of them all -- America's Funniest Home Videos. On the other hand, you have made it much easier for me to start weaning myself off cable TV, so maybe this isn't such a bad thing. But really? I'm sure I'm not the only one missing my Rory and Lorelai fix every weekday night.

OK, three things are enough for this list. I do feel better -- and I encourage you all to write your own things that must go if you're like me and just want to gripe about the silly things that bother you. It can be incredibly cathartic.


  1. Griping is very cathartic. I just do it too often! Yes to the joint Facebook accounts! In addition to that, I don't like how many women seem to lose their identity when they have kids, and on all of their online profiles (for comment boards, etc.) their user names are things like, "Mom of 3," "Jakesmom," and "crazymom5." Sheesh. They need to remember that they have names other than "Mom"!

  2. P.S. I didn't mean "yes" to the Facebook thing meaning I support them. I meant I agree with you! :)

  3. Oooh...I was just venting about how annoying it is to get university calls asking me to donate. They have called every couple weeks for MONTHS (at dinnertime!) plus sent annoying letters in the mail. They are on my hate list right now! I totally second that one!! Can you tell I can't stand them? :) I am tempted to not ever donate just because of that!

  4. I don't have any TV channels but if I did I would watch Gilmore Girls too - even though I own all seven seasons. I am a Gilmore Girls junkie and PROUD of it!

  5. About the donation thing: I quite enjoy grilling the people who call asking for donations. I ask them questions like, "What year was BYU-Idaho founded" and other various Church history questions. I figure it is only fair since they call asking for my credit card number and they have no real way of validating who they are. I mean they could be some punk college students with an eBay addiction and an alumni phone list. -Luke (Bre's husband)

  6. This has nothing to do with your post, but I saw in your profile that you love 'The Gospel According to Larry,' and goodness, I do too!

    And to make this relevant to your post, I also love Gilmore Girls. Those fast talkin' ladies always have me rolling.


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