Friday, July 15, 2011

Andrew turns 25!

So I know I promised back on MY birthday that I would never do this again, but my honey Andrew is celebrating his 25th birthday today! In honor of this milestone, I've decided to share 25 things about him that you might not know (OK, you probably don't know). Enjoy!

1. He does not like anything with cherries in it or cherry-flavored. This goes for maraschino cherries, cherry ice cream and cherry Jolly Ranchers. Although he tells me that he can tie a knot in a cherry stem in his mouth. :)

2. He loves dogs and would like to have a chocolate or golden lab someday.

3. He is fabulous at working on cars. Since we began dating, Andrew has fixed my glove box, changed the oil numerous times, replaced the parking brake cable, replaced the axel (which would have cost us about $250) and several other things that I'm sure I've forgotten. I am a lucky girl!

4. He is a great cook and enjoys cooking, especially grilling. I really love it when he gets creative and adds ingredients, like cinnamon, to different things to see how they taste. They always turn out great!

5. He likes to play jokes and tease. Andrew came home the other day to tell me he'd put a cockroach on another banker's laptop -- and it got squished by the laptop top before he discovered it. He loves teasing his nieces and nephews, too, and will be a great father someday.

6. He loves to build computers and play with electronics. When we own a home in the future, it is Andrew's dream to build a network and put together a home media system with a custom-built computer.  He can do it -- he already put our current computer together for playing movies. :)

7. He is really picky about pillows. For some reason, we cannot seem to find Andrew a good pillow that he likes. He has tried fluffy ones, memory foam, firm ones, flat ones (mine). If it weren't a lame birthday present, I might have bought him a new one that will be just right.

8. He absolutely loves fireworks. I think it's cute how excited he gets about the month of July and how ECSTATIC he was when they legalized a bunch of fireworks in Utah this year. He turns into a little kid that likes to blow stuff up again.

9. He is a romantic. Two Valentine's Days spent with Andrew have proved that he can be incredibly romantic -- which is wonderful.

10. He is a wonderful photographer. After showing me this amazing photo he took of two bighorn sheep, I was a believer. Now that we have a nicer camera, his shots are even better!

11. He is quite a handyman. Although I pretend that I helped, Andrew painted the bathroom and two bedrooms in our apartment by himself. He also built a shelf from scratch to fit in the corner under our TV and reupholstered four chairs, among other things.

12. He plays the trumpet.

13. He barely touches a soccer ball and it goes flying. It's really fun to watch him play soccer, because his kicks are POWERFUL.

14. He is the youngest of 8 kids and the only one without kids of his own.

15. He has really pretty blue eyes. I really love Andrew's eyes, and it means that our children have a chance to inherit them!

16. He doesn't get mad very easily. I appreciate this trait, because I often have a short fuse and he is able to calm me down. Plus, he lets things go -- something I struggle with.

17. He is a huge Real Salt Lake fan. When we're rich (if that ever happens), Andrew would like to have season tickets to Real Salt Lake at both ends of the stadium so that we can switch seats at half time to have the best view when they switch goals.

18. He eats cereal in a small mixing bowl. I just think it's cute to watch him eating Cap'n Crunch out of a giant white bowl. Maybe I should do it, too, because cereal never fills me up.

19. He wants a Porsche 911 Turbo. Badly. The other day he actually made a purring noise when he was talking to me on the phone because he passed one driving home. If we only had $500,000 to spare.

20. He likes to wear suits. OK, so not all the time. He does like to dress professionally for work, though, and he looks good in a suit. (See wedding photo above for proof)

21. His favorite childhood book is The Boxcar Children. Isn't that great? I bought him a copy of his own so that someday he can read it to our kids.

22. He loves Dr. Pepper. One of my favorite memories is how excited he was to discover that Cafe Rio has a soda machine that lets you add syrup. Vanilla Dr. Pepper is even better than regular!

23. He likes to hike and be adventurous. And he forgets how strenuous certain hikes are when we do them together -- which means that I need to be more adventurous, I guess. :)

24. He always uses people's names when he talks to them on the phone. This really is random, but I love that he repeats a salesperson's name when he's talking to them and gives any conversation a personal touch. I don't think he even realizes that he does it now.

25. He is an incredible husband and always takes care of me. I'm sure you knew that one already, but it's still true!

Happy birthday, Andrew! Here's to another 25 wonderful years!

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